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The American Civil War was a Failure to Compromise?!
by Leah Sellers
2017-11-05 09:21:13
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“Mommy,  I’m confused.  My School Teacher told my class that the Civil War was fought over Slavery, and the Culture and Economy that kept Slavery alive and well.”
“Yes, Honey, that’s correct,” Cheyenne’s Mama answered.
“No, it wasn’t Peggy Joy,”  Uncle Bill interrupted.  “ I was just telling Cheyenne that the Civil War was fought due to the Congress’s failure to uphold States Rights.  Every State should have a right to say what their Culture and what their Economy is going to be and be based upon.”
civil01_400“I heard General Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff, say that it was fought due a failure to Compromise,”  Aunt Lila chimed in. “The National Government wanted to tell the States what to do, and the Southern States were not willing to do it.  So, they fought the Civil War, and the Yankees won, and devastated the South.”
“Now, Lila, it was not that simple,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said lightly.  “The Central Government was struggling to have the black and brown Slaves made whole Human Beings by Law, instead of partial Human Beings with no Basic Human Rights.”
“That’s a fact, Bill and Lila,”  Cheyenne’s Daddy added.  “Slaves were seen as Fractions of a Person instead of as a Whole Human Being.  And the Slave Owners did that on purpose by Law, because they never wanted there to be a question about the Slaves Basic Human Rights.”
“The Slaves were Property of the Slave Owners.  Just Property to do with as they pleased,”  Cheyenne’s Daddy added.
“That’s right.  And the States that wanted the Slaves to remain Property so that they could continue to make a successful Capitalist’s Profit should have been respected and left alone,”  Uncle Bill said firmly.
“You mean to tell me that the Slaves were seen as a quarter or a half of a Human Being ?!”  Aunt Lila asked incredulously.
“More like 7/8’s or 4/5’s or 17/16’s or 3 quarters of a Human Being, Lila,”  Cheyenne’s Mommy explained.”
“Well, I’ll declare, I had no idea,”  Aunt Lila said.  “Well, that just doesn’t seem right to me.”  Lila appeared to be about to say something else, but stopped short when she saw her Hubby Bill glaring sourly at her.
“But the Slave Owners paid good hard coin for their Slaves, and they had a right to hold on to them if they wanted to,” Uncle Bill said flatly.
“I wonder if the Women Slaves were worth as much as the Male Slaves ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama queried.
“Ha !  They were probably big, fat zeroes in those days,”  Aunt Lila snorted.
“You may be right, Lila,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said sadly.  “Can you imagine the Women Slaves or any Woman for that matter in that day and time trying to get Justice for her Slave Owner’s or Boss’s sexual harassment ?”
“Sexual Harassment ?!” Aunt Lila exclaimed.  “More like out-and-out rape in that day and time, Peggy Joy.”
“Lila, please, remember Cheyenne’s little Big Ears,”  Cheyenne’s Mama chided.
“Sorry, about that Cheyenne,”  Aunt Lila said apologetically.  “Your Aunt Lila forgets her manners from time to time.”
“That’s alright, Aunt Lila,”  Cheyenne said empathetically.  “I accidentally heard say Daddy say God Damn the other day, when the handle fell off of the feed bucket and the feed spilt all over the ground.”
Everyone at the kitchen table laughed out loud, easing some of the tension in the room.
“Bill, are you and Lila helping out at the Voting Booths down at City Hall again this year ?”  Cheyenne’s Daddy asked.
“Yep.”  Bill answered proudly.  “It’s our Civic Duty.”
“Mommy, can you imagine how hard it would be to count Votes at the Voting Booth if some people’s Votes were only worth a Fraction and other people’s Votes were worth a Whole ?”  Cheyenne asked.  “That would be so complicated.”
“Indeed, it would be very complicated to live in a World like that,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said with a half smile.
“Peggy Joy, there you go again, filling that child’s head full of your Bleeding Heart Liberal ideas,”  Uncle Bill said with disgruntlement.
“You would have made a true-blue Abolitionist back in the day.  You would have betrayed the State you were born in.”
“Well, Bill, the way I see it, the State I was born in, would have betrayed me, if we had kept Slavery alive and well in the United States of America,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said sternly.
“The Ancestors who had their Eyes on the Future of America won the day, as far as I’m concerned,”  Cheyenne’s Mama continued.  “They envisioned a New and Better World for EveryOne.  A New and Better Reality for EveryOne.  A New and Better Future for ThemSelves, for EveryOne else, and all of our Children’s Children.”
“Well, as far as I’m concerned, the wrong side won the Civil War,”  Uncle Bill said smugly.  “Everybody has their place in this World, and they should learn it and accept it.  If the Federal Government had just left well enough alone, the Tea Party and Secessionists Confederation that I’m a proud member of today would Rule the Day.  And all of this other nonsense about Equal Rights and Existience for Everybody would be all behind us.”
“Are you saying that as 7/8’s of a White Man or a Whole, Bill ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama quipped.
“Peggy Joy, I have never known you to be so rude,”  Aunt Lila gasped.
“Well, Lila, I have never felt like being so rude before,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said bluntly.  “I am just so tired of all of this Supremacist Ideology being spouted about everywhere.  And that includes General Kelly’s watered down version of America’s failure to Compromise statement about the Civil War.  He and Trump are two peas in a pod when it comes to Supremacist Ideas as far as I can see.”
“Mommy and Daddy, may I leave the table and go up to my room to play ?”  Cheyenne requested unexpectedly.
“Why, yes, Baby.  You may,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said quickly.
“So, Little Lady, you started this argument and now your headed up to room to play ?”  Uncle Bill criticized.
“Yes sir.”  Cheyenne answered sweetly.  “I’m gonna’ go play with my Transformer Lego set.  And I’m gonna’ make all of my Robots worth a Whole number, and not a Fraction, no matter what Color or what Number parts I choose to make them out of.  In my bedroom, Everybody, including my Dolls and stuffed Animals, may be different, but they’re Equal.”
“Even you and Aunt Lila, Uncle Bill,”  Cheyenne said as she hopped and ran up the stairs to her room.  “I Love you all the same, no matter how Compromised and Civil Warring you might be.”


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