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Left Hand of God
by David Sparenberg
2017-11-01 11:17:51
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The Hand of God spoke to me.  Not as a word, but as image—a vision. 

On a clear space in morning air, the Hand appeared.  It was the left hand, called Hand of Judgment.

hand01_400Out of nothing in the clearing the Hand of God took up a frame, as if a square frame of glass.  Momentarily, an explosion occurred within the frame.  Above a monstrous ball of fire arose a billowing mushroom clouds of death.

I watched the dynamic of the explosion increasing within the frame.  Then when I had seen all that was to be seen, the Hand put down the frame and it vanished.  As it had been taken out of nothingness, now, in a breathless instant, the frame, as if a picture frame of glass, vanished back into nothingness.

Next the Hand of God took up another frame, exactly as before, and the explosion of another nuclear weapon filled this second frame, duplicating the explosion that had filled the first. 

I watched the development of the mushroom cloud of death.  Then it was gone and a third process followed exactly as before. 

Behind the third frame containing a nuclear explosion was taken up a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh, and so on.  At last nausea overwhelmed me: I could endure no more.  Heart sickened at repetition of this horrific sequence I stood awestruck witnessing the end of life on Earth.

As the sickness inside became predominate, the vision ended.   The Hand of God vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

This vision came me uninvited in the spring of 1979, thirty-eight years before the present.  Throughout duration of these many years I have borne the heavy burden of this revelation of approaching end time—an impending apocalypse resulting from human arrogance, human folly, human violence: the ultimate, inhuman absurdity.

This was the same year I was most completely immersed in the study of Kabbalah: That which is above is set in motion by that which is below.


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