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Eureka: Fixing five random problems
by Jay Gutman
2017-10-30 10:14:47
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On declining fertility rates: the more you spend time with people, the more you imitate them. In modern times, a lot of workers wake up, go from home to the office, hardly talk to anyone at the office, get their instructions from a boss they are technically not allowed to talk to, conversations with colleagues are viewed with suspiscion, then go home after a long day at work, watch a few online videos and go to bed. Weekends are often not spent going to Church or to any form of organization, few visits are made during weekends. This means that in modern times most people don't have friends to talk to, thus no one to imitate, thus lower birth rates. If your friends and family get married and start having children, you naturally follow their path. A bon entendeur.

problems01_400On unemployment: The post-war trend has been to focus on the quantity of unemployment over the quality of employment. Employment is available, but a lot of times employees alternate between being wage slaves and lame ducks. Many companies discourage conversation and discussion, are either kept in the dark or publicly humiliated and don't see the end in sight at their jobs. At many companies employees are merely numbers, as in number of years of education and number of years of experience. How do organizations become more democratic? Taxpayers pay for the school system, you want a school system that teaches the art of conversation. An art that unfortunately too few people have mastered.

On suicide: I've identified three causes of suicide. One is related to financial problems, the other to abusive environments, the other to substance abuse. So rather than using slogans to fix the suicide problem or simply promoting suicide hotlines, the suicide problem needs to be addressed at three levels. First, give basic financial education so people don't misspend their cash. Second, address the abuse problem by providing real incentives for being independent, as abuse is often the result of co-dependent relationships. The third issue that needs to be addressed is substance abuse.

On Hamas: The prblematique is one where Hamas remains firm in its position that “the Jews stole our Holy land.” Arab invasions of about one third of the world? Oh no that's just teaching the rest of the world the correct path. So what solution for that? In the Muslim world a lot of things are better left unsaid. Under the table talks and discretion, absolute discretion. A Muslim friend once told me “In the Muslim world you can do anything you want, as long as you keep it to yourself.”

On bureaucracy: Running around offices and getting paperwork done is not always a bad thing. Except that big businesses can hire people to take care of the paperwork. Smaller businesses and individuals can not. At times the boxes that need to be checked are clear. A lot of times bureaucrats will tell you “we will review your application” but won't tell you what criteria will be used for success or rejection.” In some country I went to recently, a strange law forced all restaurants and cafés to install toilets within their businesses. That meant a lot of toilets in strange places, including inside the kitchen. Other places simply preferred shutting down.

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Emanuel Paparella2017-10-30 10:39:34
A positivist will never run out of problems that need fixing; in fact he can choose them at random when asked..., but that coin too has another neglected side and it is called the human problem which is universal, and has to to do with the perennial Socratic question What does it mean to be human?

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