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A Holly Bush Filled with Sparrows and Wrens
by Leah Sellers
2017-10-25 11:51:28
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A Holly Bush Filled with Sparrows and Wrens
In a Moment of Needing a Deep Breath (or two)
I gazed out the Window for a broader View
My Eyes Focused on a nearby Holly Bush
Of varying greens and red-orange berry hues
My Mind Focused on the busily bobbing Holly Bush -
A Holly Bush filled with Sparrows and Wrens
All flittering and fluttering without and within
Small, stout, short-winged Birds
bush01_400Chirping and Trilling
Tweeting and Cheeping
Their various Songs
My Mind reached further into Memory
For Symbolisms and Philosophical Syllogisms
Of Nature and Life
The Holly Tree -
The Heart Healer
The Guardian against evil Spirits
The Harbinger of Good Luck
Of Lightening Blazing Truth
Of UnConditional Love and Blood-letting Sacrifice
And Life’s multitudinous Reincarnations of the Self
When Awakened by Awareness and Sacrifice
A bouncing limb catches My Eye
The Sparrow -
A Reminder of Gentleness of Spirit and Demeanor
Of Renewal and Rejuvenation of the Spirit
All found within a Moment of Deep Breath and Calm
The Sparrow -
A Gentle Memory-nudge to Hope and Cherish Companionship
And those loud-mouthed, Friendly Wrens
Reminders of ‘ Don’t be a Stick in the Mud”
“Don’t get Stuck in Ruts”
Get out and have Adventurous, Light-Hearted Fun
Surround yourself with New Faces and Old
Go out in Life
Take Chances
Be Creative and Bold
Speak Out when it’s Needed
Be Quick-witted and Agile
Living for High Ideals takes Strength
You can’t allow yourself to be fragile
Another Deep Breath and A Pause
A Choice and Choices
Like It or not
Like Them or not
There Is and Are Always
A Choice and Choices
In Holly Bushes filled with Sparrows and Wrens
In every nano-second Moment without and within
Enough to make your Head and Psyche
Roil, Coil and DNA Spiralingly Spin
A Deep Breath
Energetic Rushes
Energetic Releases
In short-flight spurts
In long Kundalini Exhalations
Energetic Expectations, Re-Directions, Hesitations
An uneasy wriggling, niggling gets under my skin
I knowingly grin
Responsibility and Duty beckon me much to my chagrin
They Chirp and Cheep for my Attention from the mesmerizing
UnCommonly Common browns, blacks and whites
Of the hopping, fluttering and perching Sparrows and Wrens
Singing at One Another
Singing to One Another
Singing with One Another
In Correlating Correlations
Or Dissonant Remonstrations
All Demonstrations of Patterned and yet to be Patterned
Geometric Motion and Sound
And Intersecting Probabilities
And myriads of possible Possibilities and Patternings that abound
And Can be Lost or Found
In a Holly Bush filled with Sparrows and Wrens
Another Deep Breath - A Pause
And my Mind shifts
From the gloriously interesting flurry and cacophony
Of  Green Leaf, Red-Orange Berry, Feather and Song
Of Geometric and Colorful
Ordinary Energetic Beauty and Wonder
For which the Heart and Soul long
My Focus Returns with Determination
To the previous tedious and difficult Tasks at Hand
Inhale - SomeThing Begins
Exhale - Another Thing Ends
Sighing, Smiling and Stretching
I take Another Breath of Pause and Gratitude toward
A Holly Bush filled with Sparrows and Wrens


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