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by David Sparenberg
2017-10-23 09:48:13
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Look at you.  You think you are in possession of your hidden treasure.  You think you have attained the radiant goal.  Not so!

You and I are inheritors of an age of erosion.  What is most important is to keep the vision in motion.

corn01_400_01The journey to the waterfall of light takes many years.  Perhaps a duration of many life times: pilgrimage travels realities from Earth to Earth.

What is important is to keep the vision alive before you.  Ripeness that is all begins with not giving up.  What a difference between the guilt of defeat and the beatitude of surrender!

Those bright talkers who entertain, enchant and inform you, saying that the conjunction of sun and moon is by your hands along are themselves misguided.  How clever they appear, the pundits who have abandoned the dialogue of creation!

Perhaps in your shaping and breaking icons you will someday, in twilight of a dreamtime, come to the river of rainbow?  There and then, see how on the other shore who moves joyous to greet you.  The messenger with familiar semblance, whose beauty you have followed as remembrance, is called Cornucopia of the Holy.

This I share in warmth of a whisper, caressing your hands, still young in the art, before letting you go.


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