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Eureka: What I would invest in
by Jay Gutman
2017-10-26 11:09:05
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Imagine I'm an investor and have to provide funds to entrepreneurs who need funds for their business. Here are, in no particular order, businesses I would invest in and businesses I would not invest in.

NOT investing: anything related to smart phones, tablets, laptops. Including new devices for charging the batteries of such devices, new batteries, new chips, software applications, web services, web hosting, programming services, games etc. etc. I've seen way too many of those, some of the ideas are ridiculous at best.

invest01_400When investing I use the “if it ain't broken, don't try to fix it” rule. Way too many young entrepreneurs want to be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. The problem is, while devices such as smart phones and tablets and laptops have become ubiquitous, there's a saturation of hardware and software applications in such areas.

EXCEPTION: I would invest in anything related to cyber security and defense, data loss and recovery. To use an analogy we don't need more cars but we need more mechanics.

EXCEPTION: I would invest in solar-powered electronic devices. Remember when in school we had calculators that worked with solar power? If someone came up with a smart phone that worked the same way, powered with solar light or electric light, and that it actually worked, I would invest in that.

NOT investing: any of those small businesses (bars, cafés, restaurants, mom and pop stores etc.) that hire a team of 20 or more people and want to start the next franchise. Each of you can start his own café, then, after a few years, if you're still friends and your cafés are still up and running, you guys can merge and start a franchise. Reason: I'm worried about 20 egos working together on becoming the next big thing. It's hard enough to get two people to work together.

NOT investing: in tweens who want to start the next fashion or cosmetics hit brand. Costmetics are sensitive and need to be carefully tested, demand a lot of cash to start running, and end up competing with established brands. I would recommend that they try to sell their brand of cosmetics to an established brand first. As for the next big fashion brand, you want to start selling your creations at the local market first, you'll learn a lot about business common sense.

Investing: Any mom and pop business which is well-located, sells general items and keeps it simple.

Investing: Any innovation in the furniture world. We all need furniture. But for some reason no one thinks about investing in it. Most colleges don't even provide classes in furniture design. But I see furniture everywhere. If you come up with the next comfortable chair, flexible shelves, easy to use and install drawers or kitchen shelves, or easy to install furniture, you have my money.

Investing: eco-friendly household appliances. If you have zero-pollution, solar-powered fridges, washing machines, vaccum cleaners, eco-friendly stoves or micro-waves, you have my money.

Investing: eco-friendly gardening and garbage disposal items. Now the good news is the government usually takes care of cleaning the streets, garbage disposal, and a lot of the parks. If you can invent eco-friendly devices that can clean the streets faster and cheaper, dust off the leaves or petals in automn, clean the waters in swimming pools, lakes or oceans without causing harm to the ecosystem, you have my money.

NOT investing: anything that we don't really need. Revolutionary paper clips or staplers, paper holders or any of those strange kitchen devices. Again, if it ain't broken, I'm not fixing anything.

Investing: Good quality backpacks and suitcases. New technology for footware. Shoes, briefcases, backpacks and suitcases are things we spend a lot of money on and that don't last very long. If you have the recipe to help me keep my backpacks and suitcases for years without shriveling up or breaking down at some point, you have my money.

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