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Eureka: I'll rant but laugh it out
by Jay Gutman
2017-10-25 11:50:59
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You know those one-hit wonders in music? How some artists make a beautiful first album with songs we can relate to. Songs about love, about break-ups, about loneliness, about overcoming fear, about struggling with work and life. How those songs cheer you up, because you can relate to the poetry. Then suddenly those artists come up with a second album with poems and lyrics about dealing with fame. The disk flops and the artists blame the press for that. Then those artists don't realize that people can relate to love, break-ups or loneliness but can't relate to fame.

Or perhaps the artist makes his second album about his life growing up, life in the streets, writes a song about his first girlfriend, then one about his second, then one about his third, but then doesn't realize that most people can't relate to that either.

poli01_400Today I'll rant about three things. Politicians. Korea. Then Iran.

First politicians. Just like those artists who start an album with poems we can all relate to, many politicians start campaigning about themes we can all relate to. Then once in office, even when confronted with, let's put it this way, a lot of bread in the oven that needs to be baked. Then those politicians gradually fade in the background. Suddenly elected officials dealing with fame becomes the main concern of themselves and the media. Some artists last 50 years. Others are legends. That's because every album they came up with dealt with themes we can relate to. Something some politicians should keep in mind. I'm not talking about President Trump here. Believe it or not I actually think he's one of the rare high-profile politicians who are doing great. 

Second, Korea. South Korea needs to make the kind of offers to North Korea that North Korea can relate to. Those in charge need to study North Korea more carefully. It's not about money, not giving North Korea money or starting huge economic projects so North Korea can prosper. North Korea wants security first, then economic growth. And remember that whole Juche thing which is about self-reliance and autarky and being the fisrt independent Korean kingdom since Goguryeo. So you need to make North Koreans the kind of offers they can relate to. I speak Korean and enjoy coffee, cigarettes, and giving advice on these issues, so if you want tips on how to deal with North Korea, invite me for a cup of coffee. Here, there, anywhere.

Now on Iran. The good thing is there is a dialogue. I think the only thing Iran needs to understand is that some people are not Iranians, are not Muslims, and are not miserable either. Some people are not Muslims and live awesome lives. I've discussed with Iranians at length. Very friendly people indeed. But they often tell me “you Jews are hard headed. Jesus came and you rejected him. Mohamed came and you rejected him.” I guess that's in our genes. I've spent 33 years working, living, playing, fighting, arguing and laughing with Christians and Muslims, yet saw no need to convert to anything. Life can be strange sometimes. So my only message to Iran is: don't tell people who they should be or what they should think. Let them be and let them think. As always I say this very respectfully. I hope you see in this message that I can relate to you as well.

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