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The Might of Trumpian-Bannonite Spite
by Leah Sellers
2017-10-17 11:29:11
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The Might of Trumpian-Bannonite Spite
Oh, ye Little Small-Minded, Mean-Spirited Man
With the small, very small
Needy, greedy, Pussy-cat grabbing hands
(you and Harvey Weinstein probably laughed over and lauded over
a Pussy-grab or a Boob squeeze well done
and competed in telling one Pussy-grabbing, Boob squeezing
Small Tall Tale or two on one occasion or another all hard won
On the backs of one career or one grief stricken victim or abused and used Body of SomeOne back in the Good Old Days of misogynistic bliss,
And if you want Success “Give Daddy a Kiss”)
Oh yes, You who were placed into the Presidency
Of the Great Nation of the United States of America
By a gerrymandered Electoral College’s
Dark and Deluded Underbelly Bellyachers
Without hesitancy
tban1Over and above the Popular Vote for another far worthier Leader
Hail Putin and the Russian Oligarchy !
So full of themselves and full of Malarkey !
Oh yes, you who believe that Spite is Might
Especially when it’s not In the Right
You who so jealousy loathe America’s last President
Because of the Color of his Skin
And his Ability to, what you call, Win
The former President Obama has more Moral Fiber
More Character, more Integrity, more Intelligence, more Compassion,
More Empathy, more Strategic, Fair and Just Policies which truly
Benefited the American People and the Peoples of the World
In the tip of one of his long, tapering fingers
On one of his Large, very Large Hands
Than you have in the entirety of your whole Body
You small-minded, small-handed, vindictive man
Oh yes, you, who are spending all of your time unraveling
Twisting and turning, torturing and burning down
Each of his Great Deeds for the American People
And the Peoples of the World
Your Name is Chaos
Your Wheeling-Dealing Trade is Destruction of anyone or anything
That does not Self-Aggrandize You
And your Pocketbook
You tear down the Healthcare System
That was benefiting millions
And then blame it on Obama
You tear up the Iran Deal
You break America’s Word
You break America’s back
You betray the Iranian Leaders
Who have lived up to the letter of the Agreement
Who now wonder if it was time and fragile Trust well spent
Who placed themselves in jeopardy
To make the anti-nuclear proliferation deal
With no real Spiritual explanation
And your usual lack of tact
(Young Kim Jong Un feeds heartily off all of this and that)
And blame it Obama
You speak of keeping promises to your
Dark and Deluded
Rally zombied hootin’ and hollerin’
Underbelly Bellyachers
Who want White Supremacy Theocracy over an
Open, Tolerant, Diverse
And truly Free Democracy
But you are not a Promise Keeper
You are a Promise Breaker
You are not a Nation Building Maker
You are a Cruel Bully and Spite-filled Taker
You espouse and spew Bigotry
Misogyny, False words, False and Dangerous Promises
Division, Chest thumping Threats and Violence
You do not understand Consequence
You despise the Working and Dis-abled Poor,
And falsely woo the Middle Class
With your Lies of Tax breaks and Cheaper Cheaps
Which are really intended for you and your Fellow Elites
To Have, Hold and Keep
Oh yes, you and your Bannonite pal
Have wreaked your Dark, Destructive Machinations
And Mis-guided Mis-takes well
You’ve cast your cursed, misshapen spell
On the Dark and Deluded Underbelly Bellyachers
Whom you Seduce and Twist
With your continual Sabotages and Toxic Mirages
But all of y’all are The Few
Oh what will you Do when the Fed Up Majority
Has had a Belly full of you ?
What will you Do ye Little, very Small-Minded
Mean-Spirited, Uninformed, Lying, Cheating, Betraying
Dark Shadow of a Man
The King who thought he could Rule
And instead just became a Tool
Of America’s and all Democracies planned Un-Doing !


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