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Another Form of Madness
by David Sparenberg
2017-10-15 11:17:59
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“Mankind is so inevitably mad, that not to be mad would amount to another form of madness.”

Go ahead—take your voice to the edge of madness.  Tiptoe-arabesque the slopping curb of circumstance.  Let the storm surge threaten to wash away your ego-facts.  That laughter in your soul originates in you.  Let the storm winds of change threaten to blow your mind.  What good is identity when enfeebled and shallow?

dav1_400_02Take your magic with you to the edge of embittered time.  Civilization lies against the adventure of life.  In the same way that walls are obstructions to the wilds of freedom.

Take your magic with your words.  You are not that easily broken or rendered nothing. Probe deep.  See how what was darkest in you shines.  How what was silent and timid and conveniently forgotten sounds in rolling thunder; echoes through the universe.  Even breath, our cosmic infant, ripples with resonance.

When I talk this way about power, my discourse is focused on healing.  When I speak of gathering medicine quietly, it is to recall the natural flow and embrace the work of alignment.

Don’t be afraid of what opens and closes.  We are deep in the metamorphic; creation is origami.

Be reverent.  That will surprise, if not startle, the world.  Allow your hallowing shadow, in a prayer of crystal, to enter the hearts of strangers as drumbeats.  Threaten others with the dangers of warmth: the hot Eros of recognition.  To see another truly is touchstone of liberation, that is to say, salvation.  The revolution is that prophetic; that crazy; perennially shamanic.  Honey smudges fingerprints on philosophy.   Sweetness in the syrup of love ruins the cogs and wheels in the clock of doom.  Perfect the art of sticking around.

Go ahead, friend—let ignorance call you lunatic.  Thank the moon!  Give heed instead of babble to psalms of the great mandala.  Be a psalmist, defiantly pious; mad as a dancer, conjoining rhythms with the Goddess-God of Dance.

Go ahead, friend—tango on the edge.              


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Emanuel Paparella2017-10-15 14:27:10
Indeed, Francis of Assisi's brother on meeting his brother in the streets of Assisi would tell his friends "there goes my mad brother." That mad brother had the key on how to get to God via mother nature...

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