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America's Bureaucratically Protected Ability to Mass Murder
by Leah Sellers
2017-10-09 08:00:44
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“Where are you headed, Ethel Anne ?”  Herman asked as he approached his next door neighbor who was busily loading some pretty hefty luggage into the trunk of her small hatch-back.  “Here, let me help with those bags.”
“Why, thank you, Herman.  You are so kind.  I must admit that I probably packed more than I needed to.  I’ll only be gone for the weekend,”  Ethel Anne chirped.
car01_400“The Church Ladies and I, and some of their spouses, are going to participate in the City-wide Unity Prayer Walk in Las Vegas, Nevada, Herman.  Would you like to join us ?  We are not leaving until dawn tomorrow morning,”  Ethel Anne offered.
“Can’t. I promised Mary Beth and George that I’d help harvest their hay and bale it,”  Herman answered.
“Well, I’ll tell you all about the Prayer Walk when I return home,”  Ethel Anne said quickly.  “And since you will be at home this weekend, would you be willing to feed Chester and Maggie for me while I’m gone.  They will not be going along with me this trip.”
“Sure, no problem,”  Herman said good-naturedly.
“Thank you so much, Herman,”  Ethel Anne said with relief.  “I’ll leave my house key with you some time later this evening, if that’s alright ?”
“Sure is.  But if you ask me, you and the Church Ladies, and their partners, are wasting your time Praying and Walking on behalf of all of the Slaughtered and Mutilated Folks and their Families out there,”  Herman said gruffly.
“You ask me, the Actions that need to be taken, that have any real meaning, are to limit the number of folks who can get their dad-blamed hands on all of those killing machines and all of their attachments and killing toys that go along with them,”  Herman explained.
“Millions of Thoughts and Prayers have been sent for years while folks who are Crazy or who go Crazy continue to blow away or stab away at or run right over Innocents just out having a good time or standing up for what they consider to be Good Causes,”  Herman continued.
“Heck, it’s getting to where folks have got to second-guess going out to do anything in crowds out in public anymore,“  Herman complained.  It’s getting to where everyone and anyone is a target for the Crazies or downright Black-Hearted.”
“Yes, you do have a point, Herman.  But Prayer and Public displays of Unity and Caring are just as important as changing the Laws around these killing machines you’re talking about,”  Ethel Anne chided.
“I have never understood why Hunters think that they need semi-automatic guns to shoot deer with,”  Ethel Anne continued.  “Who wants to clean the carcass of a deer that’s been riddled with several bullets instead of a good clean shot ?”
“I agree, Ethel Anne.  There’s no sport or skill involved in machine gunning down any animal.  Especially if you plan to eat it,”  Herman agreed.
“If you ask me, our Legislators are setting our great nation up for the growth of heavily armed home-grown militias.  Militias of dis-content and mal-content with nothing more in mind than murder, mayhem and the possible overthrow of everything that makes our country great and cohesive,”  Ethel Anne said sadly.
“I’m all about Unity and Caring, Herman.  That’s why I’m attending this Prayer Walk in Las Vegas.  This Paddock man who chose and so thoroughly planned to kill so many Innocent people has really negatively affected me,”  Ethel Anne admitted.
“Bubu and I used to visit Las Vegas almost every summer before his passing,”  Ethel Anne reminisced.  “I have always had such fond feelings for that City of Lights and Entertainment.  We always had such fun there listening to all of the wonderful live music acts and shopping.”
“Didn’t y’all ever go out there to Gamble ?”  Herman asked with a grin.
“Well, that, too, but I always held myself and Bubu to a twenty-five dollar limit.  I’ve never been one to gamble.  I have always seen it a s a waste of money,”  Ethel Anne expounded.  “Those Casino Houses are set up against the folks who are Gambling, anyway.  I prefer to make my money the old-fashioned way.  I work for it.”
“Ha, well you’ve got a point there, Ethel Anne,”  Herman laughed.  “But I must admit that Me, Myself and I enjoy a spin at the Wheel-of-Fortune every now and then.  Puts a little spice in Life.”
“Herman, why do you think it takes a Mass Murder in this country for folks like you and me to pay attention to the Gun Laws that we both know need to be changed ?”  Ethel Anne asked unexpectedly.
“Well, Ethel Anne.  The National Rifle Association and the AFL have an inordinate amount of power.  They buy and sell off any and all politicians on both sides of the aisle in order to keep their power and control over America’s Laws regarding Guns,”  Herman said thoughtfully.
“Take these Bump Stock fittings that can change a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic killing machine like this Paddock just used on all of his fire arms in Las Vegas,”  Herman suggested.  “Why in the world are things like that even sold to Civilians.  Civilians do not need killing machines that can spit out hundreds of bullets in a matter of minutes.”
“You know, Ethel Anne, there may be something to this to this Militia thing that you mentioned before.  That and out-and-out Greed by the Weapons Makers,”  Herman said darkly.
“Herman, I must admit that I am even more nervous about all of this mounting Violence in our Streets, because of the eye-winking, hood-winking Moron we now have in office,”  Ethel Anne said.
“Although, if you ask me that man is More-off than he is More-on,”  Ethel Anne said ironically.
“Ha !  Well, I voted for That Man, and I must admit that Secretary of State Tillerson was correct, Trump has proven himself to be a rotten leader and a Moron,” Herman acquiesced.
“In fact, he, and Putin and Kim Jong Un and some other Authoritarian prone leaders are all in the running for the most Vicious and Malicious Moron of the Age, if you ask me,”  Herman chuffed.
“I must agree, Herman,”  Ethel Anne said seriously.  “So many of our World Leaders are concerning today.  I’m afraid that it is up to Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Trudeau, and those of their ilk to hold the line for Social Democracies everywhere, because Trump, and his cronies and cohorts, are busy trying to destroy ours through all of his, and their, ugly Divisiveness, Lies and Betrayals at so many different levels.”
“Yes, Herman.  That man’s name is Chaos.  And he creates Chaos for his own selfish aims and self-aggrandizements, if you ask me,”  Ethel Anne said angrily.
“You’ll get no disagreement out of me, Ethel Anne.  I rue the day I voted for that Lying Scoundrel,”  Herman grumbled.
“And the way he treated all of those poor and desperate folks in Puerto Rico,”  Ethel Anne blurted out.  “Throwing those paper towels out at them in the crowd as if they were participating in some kind of Game Show or unworthy of being treated with dignity and respect as human beings !
“What is wrong with that man ?”  Ethel Anne asked rhetorically.  “And telling them that Puerto Rico was in hock to Wall Street, and insinuating that they are undeserving of help from the mainland of America because of that and their being lazy !  It’s disgraceful !  Simply disgraceful !”
“I agree, Ethel Anne,”  Herman chimed in.  “And let’s not forget about all of the Tax Breaks he wants to give to the Rich on the backs of the Middle Class and the Working Poor.  Or the Nuclear Cold, and possibly Hot War he wants to chest thump us into with North Korea, and maybe even Iran, by going back on the Iranian Treaty Obama and his crew helped to put together regarding the impediment of Nuclear Arms expansion while we’re trying to talk about the same kind of Treaty with North Korea.  Who on God‘s Green Earth can take America seriously ?”
“This Trump fella’ makes no sense.  No sense at all,”  Herman said with distaste.
“And did you hear his “Calm before the Storm” statement while he stood in the White House with all of those Military Leaders ?”  Ethel Anne asked agitatedly.  “What in the world did he mean by that ?  He is the Storm !  There is nothing Calm about that side-winder !”
“Yes, Ethel Anne, he is the Storm of that Chaos you were talking about earlier.  And he likes it that way.  America is in a heap of trouble if you ask me,”  Herman said slowly.
“Trump even signed a Bill making it easier for the Mentally Challenged or the Mentally Ill to get their Crazy hands on guns, Herman,”  Ethel Anne said out of the blue.  “Did you know that ?!”
“No, can’t say that I did, but I’m not one bit surprised,” Herman replied.  “Trump and his Right-winged Republicans and rabid supporters have made it possible to have the Ability to perform Bureaucratically Protected Mass Murder in America, and call it their Right.  It’s despicable and worrisome, Ethel Anne.”
“Ethel Anne, I think I’m going to call my eldest son, Jimbo, and ask him if he can help Mary Beth and George with the harvesting of their hay,”  Herman said thoughtfully.
“I’m feeling like a long Walk with lots of Prayer is just what the doctor ordered,”  Herman confessed.  “Mind if I catch a ride with you to Las Vegas tomorrow morning ?”
“Why, no, Herman,”  Ethel Anne said happily.  “I would welcome your company.”
“I’ll call the Church Ladies and let them know you’ll be joining our endeavor,”  Ethel Anne continued.  “ And I’ll call my daughter, Katie, and have her drop by to feed Chester and Maggie while we‘re gone.  She can bring the kiddos over with her.  They simply love my old dogs.”
“Herman, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of Life were as easy as a Walk and Prayer, and a simple phone call ?”  Ethel Anne asked earnestly.
“Indeed it would, Ethel Anne,”  Herman nodded affirmatively.  “Indeed it would.”

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