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Eureka: How to prevent bullying
by Jay Gutman
2017-10-07 11:09:54
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Bullies tend to come with the full package. They think they can get any woman they want, get anyone to do what they order them to do, and feel pleasure out of putting people down. If they're women they want to feel that no one can get near them and the more public the humiliation the better.

bul01_400What do bullies do? They like to humiliate. Whether it's in bed or in a restaurant, in crowded places, in offices or at home, they like to humiliate.

In some cases bullying can become a national problem. Ahem France ahem Northeast Asia and so on. Bullying becomes a problem in economies where big business and government control almost every sphere of society, meaning that bullies often run around without having justice catch up with them. So bullying becomes a national sport, and bullies are celebrated, including in the media.

The first step to solving this problem is to admit that there's a problem and to clearly define it. Bullying is an act or a series of acts of humiliation, that is of acts that the receiving end did not want to be the recipient of but has no way to get justice to mend the humiliation. In a lot of cases, victims need the bully for professional or social reasons. The second step to solving the problem is to have bullies show up at trials, where the judge assigns anger management programs to calm the bullies down, and restraining orders from their victims.

The third step is to create the kind of society that reads good books, writes good books and talks about good books. Reading can cure anger management because they teach you smarter ways to express your feelings.

Another step is to create a society where active learning is promoted. Bullies often humiliate because they don't have other ways to vent their frustrations, like say, by having a calm, reasoned discussion.

A final step would be to teach the use of language. That is include a lot of presentation, discussion, debate, conversation and written expression time at the school level. And to allow the discussions to flow.

Societies with a bullying problem tend to show some patterns. No nice cafés where you can sit and have a quiet, private conversation. People in the media who tell you what to think, not how to think. Companies who don't allow employees to flock together. Restaurants so cozy you can hear the chef talking at the back, and you can hear him slam his pan so hard as you start complaining about the country's political situation, so hard that you have eat quietly. That too has to be fixed.

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