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Transformers, Ignorants and the Scouts
by Leah Sellers
2017-10-02 11:27:41
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“Mommy, I have Good News !”  Cheyenne exclaimed as she bustled into her Mother’s Kitchen.
“And what might that be, Baby ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama asked.
“Billy wants to join our Girl Scout troop, just like Jenny Harper joined the Boy’s football team last year., so that she could be the quarterback.  But, I’m worried that the Scout Leaders won’t let him do it because President Trump Tweeted that he wants to dump all of the Transformers and Shape-Shifters out of the Military.  And Billy’s Mama is a Transformer, and probably a Shape-Shifter, too.”
tr01_400_10“A Transformer ?  A Shape-Shifter ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama asked as she stopped peeling the shrimp for the Family’s Dinner.
“Yes Ma’am.  Billy’s Mama is a Lady who used to be a Lady who lived inside a Man’s body.  So, she must be a Shape-Shifter and a Transformer, because she Shifted and Transformed her Man’s Body into a Woman’s Body, so that she could Be happy, and Be her Real Self, and Live her Real confusing Life.”
“Oh my.”  Cheyenne’s Mama said softly.
“Mama, Transformers and Shape-Shifters like Billy’s Mama confuse me,  but Billy’s Mama is a very Nice Lady who is a Military Nurse who is always helping and healing people.  And I really like Billy.  So, I do not understand why I am supposed to all of ‘a sudden not like them any more and Exclude them from everything just because everyone found out that Billy‘s Mama Transformed and Shape-Shifted into a very Nice Lady inside and out.”
“But Billy’s Mama got very upset by President Trump wanting to dump all of the Transformers and Shape-Shifters out of the Military on his Tweeting Twitter, which sounds like a very mean Bird to me, Mama.  And for embarrassing the Boy Scouts, who have accepted Transformers and Shape-Shifters into their troops, and America with his immature and inappropriate mean words when he spoke at the Boy Scout conference and into the t.v., and told all of the Transformers and the Shape-Shifters who want to help and be a part of America to leave.”  Cheyenne said with concern.
“Mama, why would the President of the United States of America do that to Transformers, and Shape-Shifters, and the Military, and the Boy Scouts ?”  Cheyenne asked perplexed.
“God made the Earth and everything and everybody on the Earth.  So, why do some people think that some of them are better than others, when God Made and Loves us All just the same ?”  Cheyenne continued.
“God made us all to be different in some ways and alike in other ways in every which-a-way.”  Cheyenne added.
“Does God make Mis-takes ?” Cheyenne asked aghast.
Cheyenne’s Mama sighed and began to answer as best she could….
But, Cheyenne interrupted, as she often did when she was disconcerted by things she found confusing.  “And President Trump wants to stop most of the Ignorants from coming to America, Mama.  He is a real meany.”
“You mean Immigrants, Cheyenne ?”
“Yes Ma’am.  Ignorants.  And if you ask me, Mr. Trump is much more Ignorant than the Ignorants.”
“The Ignorants just want a Better Life.  Just like our Ancestors.  And Mr.  Trump is an American President.  He’s supposed to be Helping people not hurting them when he doesn’t have to.  He needs to make kinder and more fair decisions about the Ignorants.”
“Lady Liberty would be so upset with him if she were still alive, and not just some old dead statue standing out in the middle of the water in New York’s Harbor.”  Cheyenne said dramatically.
“She would cry tears that would put her Torch out, and Mrs. Randall told my class at School that Lady Liberty’s Torch burns for people everywhere.  For Democracies everywhere.”
“But, Mama, President Trump, and all of his friends, do not really Believe in being Fair and Just to Everyone or in Fair and Just Democracies.  Or at least not the kind of Democracies that I have learned about in School. Mr. Trump, and his naughty friends just Make fun of it all, and are trying to ruin it all.”
“Uncle Bubu says so.  And that Mr. Trump acts like a spoiled King with a spoiled Royal Family and a spoiled rotten Royal Court, for the most part.  And that they are spending all of the Americans hard earned Tax dollars on their own selfish foolishness, and self promotion, and self stroking, and business wheelings-and-dealings, at America‘s expense.  I heard him say so to daddy last week.”  Cheyenne stopped suddenly, wide-eyed, and unconsciously covering her mouth with her right hand.
“Oops !  Mama, please, do not ground me for eavesdropping,”  Cheyenne pleaded.  “I did not mean to do it.  It just happened.  And I am really working very hard at not doing it.  Very hard.”
“I’ll take what you have told me into consideration, Cheyenne, and let you know a little later on what your daddy and I intend to do about it,”  Cheyenne’s Mama replied firmly.
“Yes Ma’am.  Then I’ll go ahead and tell you the rest of what I heard Uncle Bubu say,”  Cheyenne answered without skipping a beat.
“He said that Mr. Trump is a great, Big Liar, who likes White Russians.  When I asked Uncle Bubu later on what a White Russian was, he said that it is a pretty good drink made with cream, and Tia Maria, and crème’ de cocoa and vodka made by a Bartender named Putin, who also thinks of himself as King of the Bar, and is also the King of all of the White Russians in his Kingdom.  That he rules through Oligarchy Malarkey, Hackery and Spy Games.”
“Now, I know that Malarkey is horse pucky.  And if the Oligarchies are in the middle of it, I probably would not like to be ruled by Oligarchies, because I am not interested in tromping around in horse pucky.”
“And I do not like Hackery.  When I was sick with that bad cold two weeks ago, I hacked and hacked all night long.  It was exhausting.  So, I do not like Hackery.  But I do like Spy Games, because I like to play Clue, and I am a natural born busy-body eavedropper.”
“But I remember how much I did not enjoy you and Daddy grounding me for being a busy-body eavesdropper last month, Mama.  Even though it is very hard for me not to be one, because I think that I am a Natural Born Busy-Body Eavesdropper…..”
“Young lady, we‘ve had this conversation,”  Cheyenne’s Mama warned as she rolled the peeled and de-veined shrimp into the corn meal batter she had prepared.
“Anyways, Mama, I think that Billy would make a great Scout.  And he likes all of the girls in my Scout troop, and they all like him,”  Cheyenne gladly got back to the real subject at hand.
“Mama, it is important to feel Included.  I do not like it when I go somewhere that I am not Included.  And Mr. Trump probably doesn’t like that either.  So, you would think that he would behave differently, wouldn’t you, Mama ?”  Cheyenne asked her Mother.
“One would think so, Baby.”  Cheyenne’s Mama agreed, as she plopped the first of her battered shrimp into the hot peanut oil.
“Mama, what makes Mr. Trump such a mean old Grump ?”  Cheyenne asked exasperatedly.
“Well, Cheyenne, that’s a good question.  One every American probably needs to consider or is already considering.”  Cheyenne’s Mama answered as she turned the heat down on her sizzling and popping shrimp a bit.
“Well, I don’t know why any of us have to spend so much energy considering such a very inconsiderate person, Mama,”  Cheyenne announced as she turned to leave the Kitchen and head upstairs to her bedroom, and the Book she had gotten from the local Library.
“I would rather spend my time making Transformers and Shape-Shifters with Ralph’s Lego set.”


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