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The Two Prophetic Functions
by David Sparenberg
2017-09-29 10:30:37
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The authentically prophetic is the way of contending, a bold standing forth for the sake of mercy founded on justice, to counter consequences of judgment, eco-spiritual betrayal, deliberate destruction.  The way of prophetic contending is a decision, articulation and process of compassionate engagement, prior to the judgment event, or anti-event, requiring intercession, protest, intervention.

spel01_400The way of contending is the first outward function of the prophetic.  It is set in motion by the stern realities of the afflicted and conflicted world.

The prophetic is the way of promise (the Prophetic Promise) of universal peace and justice, of personal recognition and respect, of reverence for life, shared dignity, upheld diversity; of green-cultivated response-ability and the mutuality of dialogue, within and between humanity and humanity, humanity and ecology, humanity and the divine: dynamically within and between Earth and Cosmos.

The authentically prophetic is the Great Work of restoration through connectivity and renaissance via commensality; of affirming life for life’s sake.  This function of the prophetic is our working evolution toward a re-Genesis of Earth-Eden, within which the hallowing labor of tikkun olam, mending of the world, is real and the vision is alive.

The vision of the prophetic promise is the profound, inner function of the prophetic.  The love-union of outward and inner functions completes the prophetic in a liberation of enlightenment, vitality and change-stability. 

Who among the mystics, the dreamers, questers, the watchers, the mandala and trance dancers, and the disciples of the prophets (kindreds of my soul), keeps vision in motion, empowering messengers through the Voice and wedding the Voice to the earthen piety of messengers?

Here too we are conditioned by a tradition wherein prophesy and prophet have to do with receiving the shape and content of the prophetic vocation, and the prophetic mission, as originating with and taking form out of highly charged words of God.  Let me suggest then that in this era of stupendous crisis and pandemic crimes against creation; a time to readily be identified as the age of extinctions; the divine terms of righteousness and salvation are given to us through the Voice of the Earth—that voice which in its pristine visual and tactile language is, in the warning mode and soul summons of our here and now—the very Voice of God.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-09-29 12:15:53
Indeed, that is the appeal of Franciscan spirituality, it finds God via nature. The first poem of Italian literature is not Dante's Divine Comedy as some surmise, but Francis of Assisi's Canticle of Creatures which does not confuse nature for God but goes to God via nature. As such Francis is properly speaking the first ecosopher, but Francis does not invent Christian theology, he merely discovers it anew and sees it with fresh eyes.

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