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Kneeling in Protest and Melon Thumping
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-26 06:26:42
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“Hey Jeb !”  Zach announced as he approached his old Friend, who was methodically thumping melons, and listening intently to which one gave out the most hollow, ripened sound.
“Hey, Zach !  How’re you doin’ Buddy ?  Long time no see.”  Jeb answered good-heartedly.  The two men shook hands briefly.  “You shoppin’ for the Missus, too ?”
knee1_400Jeb smiled appreciatively, “Nope, I’m here to grab some beer, chips and dips for this afternoon’s Football Game.  I’ve got a few of the Boys droppin’ by to watch the Big Game between the Cowboys and the Redskins this afternoon on my brand, spankin’ new mega-television set.  I swear that t.v.’s so big that you feel like you’re actually at the movie theatre.”
“Jeb, I called you last week about comin’ on over to watch the Game with all of us, but I never got a call-back,”  Zach said accusingly.  “What’s up with that ?”
“Sorry, about not callin’ you back, Zach, but Football’s gotten complicated for me.  This Capernick Thing where more and more Football, and other Sports Players are Kneelin’ in protest during the National Anthem before our sacred National Flag has really got my dander up.”
“It’s downright Dis-respectful to our National Flag, and all that it stands for, for those Boys to be protestin’ over racial stuff before the Games.  Rubbin’ everybody’s face in it, when all most folks want to do is just relax and enjoy the Game.”  Jeb protested.
“So, I’m considerin’ boycottin’ all of the NFL Games, and some of the other Sports’ Games until those knot-heads get their heads screwed on right,”  Jeb grumbled.
“Sorry, to hear that, Jeb, but to each his own,”  Zach replied disappointedly.
“Jeb, you fought in the Vietnamese War, didn’t you ?”  Zach asked unexpectedly.
“Yep.  Sure did.  My Generation fought in the hot, steamy jungles filled with fungus laden oil, while today’s Young’uns are slippin’ and slidin’ away in hot desert oil sands,”  Jeb answered as he thumped another melon.
“Do you know why you fought in that War, Jeb ?”  Zach asked seriously.
Jeb laughed half-heartedly, “Yep.  I got drafted !  Same as you, Zach.  But I my number came up early, and yours came up late.  I had to fight, and you didn’t, you lucky scalawag.”
Both men laughed uncomfortably together for a brief moment.
“But aside from that,”  Jeb continued, “I can give you the Personal Reasons I had to keep remindin’ myself of every time a bullet went whizzin’ by my duckin’ head as to why I didn’t make a run for it to the Canadian borderlands.  ‘Cause the Political and Corporate Reasonings and UnReasonings of the Leaders are quite another thing sometimes when it comes to War.”
“I fought for what our Flag stands for all over the World.  I fought for the Institutions, Freedoms and Values memorialized and kept alive by every American, every live long day, within our National Constitution.”
“But when the rubber met the road, and the bullets and bombs started goin’ off every which-a-ways. I fought primarily for the men by my side.  And we all fought to keep ourselves and one another alive through some pretty hairy, scarey situations.”
“I fought for the Freedom of the South Vietnamese to get out from under the oppressive Commie Dictatorship.  I fought so that the South Vietnamese could have a chance to have all of the Freedoms all of us Americans cherish and enjoy each and every day.”
“Why are you askin’ me about all of this, Zach ?”  Jeb asked pointedly.
“So, you fought for Others to be able Share in the same American Freedoms and Beliefs all of us hold to be true, as well as to keep yourself and your Buddies alive and kickin‘, right ?”
“You heard me say so,”  Jeb answered tersely.
“Would you agree that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression are just a couple of the Freedoms you fought for, whether you agree or not with what’s bein’ said or expressed by one person or another ?”  Zach asked.
“Yes, I would,”  Jeb answered sternly.
“Then, Zach, you fought for Capernick’s Freedom and Right to protest and express his peaceful and symbolic sorrow and concerns over our Nation’s tensions regarding our past historical struggles over Slavery, Bigotry, Discrimination and our very own, and the World’s, oppressive, suppressive and regressive Cultural Dis-eases and Divides in front of our great and sacred National Flag, and while our sacred National Anthem is being sung by everyone, didn’t you ?”  Jeb asked poignantly.
Jeb’s eyes narrowed, and he stared in heavy silence at his old friend for a moment.  “Well, that was certainly a mouthful, but all things taken into account, I’d have to say, yes, I did, Zach.”
“Then, I hope you’ll reconsider my offer to watch the Football Game with me, and all of our Buddies, at my place later on today, Jeb,”  Zach said with a warm smile.  “You ain’t seen Football until you’ve seen it on my mega-t.v..  It practically covers my whole man-cave wall.”
Jeb thumped another melon saying, “I’ll think it over, and give you a call one way or another, later on, Zach.  Right now, I’ve gotta’ finish thumpin’ these melons and gettin’ the rest of the groceries on Thelma Lou’s list.”
“Sounds like a plan to me, Pard,”  Zach said easily.  “You give Thelma Lou my best would you ?”
“Sure thing, Zach.  And you give my best to Katie Lee,”  Jeb said as he thumped another melon, nodded his head affirmatively, and dropped it into his shopping cart, while Zach rolled away with his cart toward the chips and dips aisle.


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