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Just What the Heck Is Survival Anyway ?!
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-25 07:22:41
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“Barbara Jean, why are you pushing around two big shopping carts and filling them with canned goods and gallon jugs of water ?  Is there another Hurricane headed our way ?  We just got rid of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  Lord knows, we could use a little breathing room when it comes to Mother Nature’s devastating surprises !”  Betty Lou announced as she approached her friend in the canned food aisle of the local H.E.B. grocery store.
tyf01_400“Well, there’s Hurricane Jose blowing around in the Atlantic Ocean over on the East Coast, and Hurricane Maria, which is now a Category 5, and is getting ready to destroy some of the Caribbean Islands again, and crush Puerto Rico.  And of course there is that terrible 7.1 Earthquake that just struck outside of Mexico City, but other than that I think we’re okay in the state of Texas.  For now, that is,”  Barbara Jean answered.
Betty Lou grinned mischievously and jokingly asked,”  Have you and Jeb joined one of those Survivalist Cults ?  I surely do hope not, because Charlie is beginning to make rumblings in that direction these days, and I have been putting my foot down on it.”
“No, Jeb and I do not belong to one of those cock-a-mamey groups, but they may have a point though, when it comes to needin’ to know how to survive all of these Natural Disasters, and all of these selfish , my-nation-is-more-important-than-your-nation, Chest thumpin’ and harrumphin’ Bully Boys like Trump, Bannon, Kim-Jong-Un, Putin and a whole bunch of others that I could mention if I could only remember their dad-gummed names,”  Barbara Jean,” said peevishly.
“Gosh darn, I just hate gettin’ old,”  Barbara Jean added .  “My memory just isn’t as good as it used to be.”
“Barbara Jean, I attended your last birthday, and you only blew out forty candles, before they started to melt the icing on your cake.  Your memory isn’t what it used to be at times because you’re overworked and overwhelmed more than half of the time.  So, just calm down, and tell me what’s going on with you, girl,”  Barbara Jean said sympathetically.
Well, I heard Trump’s speech to the United Nations today, and it left me a little queasy and very anxious,” Barbara Jean admitted reluctantly.
Betty Lou frowned slightly and opened her mouth to say something, “Well….”
“Now, tread carefully, Betty Lou,”  Barbara Jean said defensively.  “You know that Jeb and I voted for Trump because we just wanted a Businessman to turn things around in Washington.  And what better man to do it than The Donald.  A man who’s not afraid to say, ‘You’re fired’ to the swamp dwellers in Washington D.C..”
“But, Barbara Jean, he’s one of the very Businessmen who snuck millions of dollars to this or that Swamp Dweller to do this or that regarding things he wanted to have done in the first place.  Especially ever since Citizen’s United opened up the floodwaters for the Rich and the Corporations to out-and-out own our democracy,”  Betty Lou countered.
“You and Jeb, voted in the very type of Alligator you say you were trying to get rid of in the first place.  What sense does that make ?”  Betty Lou continued.
“Betty Lou, you wasted your vote on some third party candidate just because you didn’t like anything being offered.  Now, how much sense did that make ?  Huh ?!  Barbara Jean said heatedly.
“You’re right.  You’re right, Barbara Jean.  We both messed up, and now look at what we’ve got,”  Betty Lou agreed sadly.
“And just what’s that, do tell ?”  Barbara Jean asked sarcastically.
“Pure Selfishness destroys the World, Barbara Jean,”  Betty Lou said emphatically.
“When everyone begins to run around saying, My Self is more important to the exclusion of All Others.  My Tribe is more important to the exclusion of All Others.  My State is more important to the exclusion of All Others.  My Country is more important to the exclusion of All Others.  My Nation is more important to the exclusion of All Others.  My Thoughts, Beliefs. Needs and Wants are more important to the exclusion of All Others.  Then the World becomes a very dangerous and destructive place to try and build a Peacable Life within,”  Betty Lou explained.
“And that is the World all of these Bully Boy Totalitarians and Wanna-Be-Totalitarians and Corporate Empire Puppeteers who manage them all, want to hand to all of us.  But in order to do that they have to destroy the Ideas and Ideals of Social-Democracies, because the Ideas and Ideals and Laws and Order of Social Democracies protect the Freedoms, Rights and Opportunities of everyone living within them.”
“Social Democracies give them the Tools of Law to Protect themselves with.  And that gets in the way of Totalitarians and Corporate CEO Empire Builders who just view us as, and want us to all be Compliant Commodities for them to Trade, Wheel-And-Deal, Buy and Sell, and suck the Life right out of,”  Betty Lou summarized.
“Barbara Jean, the stinkin’ Republicans are up in Washington right now plotting and planning to pass a Bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act again, while everyone else is focused on North Korea’s and Trump’s chest-thumping nonsense over blowin’ all of us to smithereens, and the Russian-Trumpian-Bannonite Regime’s betrayals of America as a whole, and all of these Hurricanes and Earthquakes popping off here and there and everywhere metaphorically and in reality !”  Betty Lou said.
“You need to wake up, Barbara Jean !”  Betty Lou exclaimed.
“We are all headed for another very Dark Age in Humanity’s History, and we have some very dangerous Computer-based, Military Toys and Weapons for these awful so-called Leaders, and their cronies and cohorts to play with that will absolutely annihilate everything but the Cockroaches and the Catfish !”  Betty Lou exclaimed some more.
“Catfish ?”
“Yes, Barbara Jean, they’re Bottom Dwellers. Bottom Feeders.  They lie low naturally.”  Betty Lou said impatiently.
“Oh, I didn’t know that !”  Barbara Jean said disconcertingly.  “Thank you for telling me, because I shall never eat another one.”
“Barbara Jean, we are talking about the End of the World’s Democracies, the Rise of Totalitarian Regimes as Puppets to the Autocratic Corporate Empire CEO’s manipulating and actually running them.  The Rise of Corporatism that sees us all as nothing more but expendable Commodities to be bought and sold on a whim, and pushed and pulled around any way they see fit or unfit.  And you want to grumble and grump about never eating another Catfish.”
“And what’s wrong with that ?  It effects me personally, Betty Lou.  I do not want to chew upon or digest a bottom dweller.  How disgusting !”  Barbara Jean said as she wrinkled her nose in disgust.
“Why was I never informed of that before ?  When I think of all of Catfish I have put between these two lips my whole life !  I think that I shall call Doctor Hosen and set-up a check-up.  Who knows what kinds of horrible foreign things are floating around all inside of me ?”  Barbara Jean proclaimed.
“Well, you better do it before the goofy and mean-spirited Republicans pass this terrible and cruel Repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  They outnumber the Humane Democrats that are trying to protect all of us while working on ways to improve the Affordable Care Act or set up some kind of Single-Payer system that would take care of all of us and lower all of our medical costs,”  Betty Lou interjected.
“There will be no more Medicare Expansion. They’re slashing Medicare.  They’re de-funding Planned Parenthood.  They’re no longer protecting anybody with pre-existing conditions.  They’re getting rid of the Medical Device Tax.  They’re getting rid of the Individual Mandates and replacing them with Block Grants that will given to the States to do whatever they want with.  Millions will lose their Healthcare because they won’t be able to afford it at all.  And the Insurance Corporations will continue to laugh at all of us on their way to the Bank once again. And Malevolent Capitalism, not Benevolent Capitalism will reign all of our lives once again !”  Betty Lou announced.
“There are going to be some really radical changes coming down the Pike, Barbara Jean !”
“Did you have to mention Pike, Betty Lou ?  I was just beginning to settle down about your tragic news regarding the Catfish, and those nasty Cockroaches.”
“Barbara Jean, you are impossible,”  Betty Lou said flatly.
“Well, we have held up the center of the aisle for long enough, don’t you think ?  I’m tired of seeing folks glare at us as they try and get around your Survivalist Shopping Carts.”
“Oh look at the time,”  Barbara Jean said as she quickly glanced at her wrist watch.  “My how time flies every time we get together, Betty Lou.  But I did promise Jeb that I’d be back from the store as soon as possible.  He wants me to help him mend the part of our back fence that got knocked down when Hurricane Harvey caused all of that flooding down along the creek bottom of our back pasture.”
“Well, I’m glad somebody’s interested in Mending Fences and Fixing things, Barbara Jean.  You tell Jeb and the kiddos that I said, ‘hi’ !”  Betty Lou said.
“Do you need help getting all of those canned food and water jugs into the back of your truck ?”  Betty Lou asked.
“No thank you, Betty Lou.  I’ll just get one of those nice, young baggers at the cash register to help me.  You tell Charlie and the girls, “hi”, for me, too, would you ?”  Barbara Jean requested.
“I surely will.  And good luck with your new project of Tribal Survivalism, Barbara Jean.  You’ve got enough food and water there to take of your boys for at least a week, ha !”  Betty Lou said good-heartedly.
“And just what the heck is Survival anyway ?”  Betty Lou asked rhetorically.
“Indeed, and thank you, Betty Lou.  And the same best wishes to you and yours.  We each have to try and Survive as best we can, my friend,”  Barbara Jean said as she turned and struggled to manage her two shopping carts filled with heavy canned goods and water jugs down the grocery aisle constantly apologizing to everyone she accidentally bumped into.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-09-25 11:37:02
Indeed, we are trying to survive short term, but neglect the long term when half of Florida and New York will be under water. A bit short-sighted but then those who cannot see beyond their nose cannot be expected to take the long-term view... and will find it perfectly ok for the US to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

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