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The Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-20 08:36:34
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“Mama, can I play with your Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll ?”
“What doll, Cheyenne,”  Cheyenne’s Mama asked absent-mindedly as she turned the page to the local Newspaper she was absorbed in.
“The one you and Daddy brought home from the party y’all went to last night, Mama.”
Cheyenne’s Mama looked up frowning slightly.  “Did you pull that Prank Doll out of the trash can, young lady ?”
trumpy01“Yes Ma’am.  I saw it’s pretty orange hair hanging out from under the garbage can lid, and pulled it out.  But I washed the Prank Doll in my Baby Shampoo, Mama.  It’s nice and clean.”
“Honey, why do you want to play with that old Doll ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama asked exasperatedly.  “You’ve got plenty of Dolls to play with in the Doll House your Daddy made for you out in the back yard.  Just put that thing right back where you found it.”
“And how did you know what that’s Doll’s called ?”  Cheyenne’s Mama queried.
“I read this long, skinny piece of paper attached to the bottom of its red britches, Mama.  See here, it says, ‘ The Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll,”  Cheyenne said as she walked over to the kitchen table to show her Mama what she was taking about.
“So it does,”  Cheyenne’s Mama concurred as she stared at the damp piece of treated paper on the still drying Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll‘s bright red suit.
“Prissy likes playing with the Trumpty Doll’s hair when I flip it and shake it around at her, Mama, but I was afraid of her pulling it off, ’cause you how wild kitties can be sometimes. And since I wasn’t sure whether Daddy had made a mistake throwing the Doll away and all, I thought that I had better ask you first.”
“Well, thank you for that, Cheyenne, but there is a reason your Daddy threw that Prank Doll into the trash.”
“Mama, what is a Prank Doll ?”
“Well, a Prank is a Joke that someone plays on another person.”
“Mama, this Prank Doll looks like President Trump.  Is he a Joke ?”
“Many have come to that conclusion, Cheyenne.”
“Mama, how can a President of the United States of America be a Joke ?”
Cheyenne’s Mama put her Newspaper aside and said, “Come sit down beside your Mama, Cheyenne.  I was not expecting to have to have this conversation with a nine year old, but your Daddy’s carelessness with that Doll has brought this on.  So, let me see if I can answer some of your concerns about it.”
“Yes Ma’am,”  Cheyenne said as she sat down in the kitchen chair next to her Mama, holding her Trumpty Doll firmly in her hands as its exaggeratedly long, orange hair flopped to-and-fro.
“Now, what would you like to know about that Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll ?”
“Mama, isn’t Humpty-Dumpty a Big Egg that fell off of a Big Wall and broke all into pieces that ‘all the king’s Horses and all the king’s Men, couldn’t put Humpty-Dumpty back together again’?”
“Yes, Baby, that is how the wise, old Nursery Rhyme goes.”
“So, why did you and Daddy’s party friends give you this Prank Doll ?  Why would they do such a thing ?  Isn’t that Dis-Respectful ?”
“Yes, Cheyenne, it is Dis-Respectful, but our friends are upset with having Celebrity Man Trump as America’s President.  And sometimes our Right to Freedom of Speech can sound rather Dis-Respectful when folks are upset.”
“But Mama, you and Daddy ground me if I get Dis-Respectful about anything.”
“I know we do, Cheyenne.  And I know that this is confusing.  But your Daddy and I are primarily concerned about you growing up to be a Level-Headed, Well Educated and Good-Hearted Human Being.  That’s why we ground you sometimes when your behaviors are Dis-Respectful or harmful in one way or another,”   Cheyenne’s Mama explained.
“It is our duty as your Parents to try and instruct you in ways that will help you know how to be a Good Human Being, on the whole.”
“Mama, are you and Daddy going to ground your party friends ?”  Cheyenne asked.
“Cheyenne’s Mama stifled a laugh,”  Why no, Cheyenne.  They are adults.  Adults who think that Mr. Trump, himself, is not all that Respectful toward all Americans or most folks in general.  They don’t think he’s fit to be the Leader of America or the Free World.”
“In fact, they think that he is an immature Bully who promotes chaotic divisions and violence in Others and around the World.”
“But why, Mama ?”
“Well, Cheyenne, it appears that Mr. Trump is a very selfish, egotistical and greedy man who lacks a Moral or an Ethical Core.  And that because of that, he bounces around all over the place, just like your ball of Silly Putty, when it comes to decision making, because he only wants to Do things for himself that make him feel good about himself.  He doesn’t give one hoot or a holler about Others or the Needs of Others.  Others are kept around him only if they make him feel or look good in one fashion or another.  Mr. Trump loves to have folks constantly fawning all over him or bowing down to his every whim.  And when they don’t or they won’t, he pitches a fit.  He pitches big tantrums, and then finds some way to humiliate them or take their heads off.”
“Mama, maybe America should ground him for a whole month.  And Mama, why would Americans Vote for such a man ?”
“Well, honey, in actuality, Mrs. Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote, but something we call the Electoral College played a gerry-rigged Numbers Game and handed the Presidency over to a destructive, greedy, narcissistic sociopath,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said agitatedly.
“Mama, what is a Narstisissy Socialpath ?  Do they make Dolls of them,
 too ?”
Cheyenne’s Mama chuckled, “No, Honey, not that I’m aware of.  But a Narcissist is somebody so in love with themselves there is no room left over for them to truly love anybody else.  They love themselves to the exclusion of all others.”
“Oh Mama, that would be awful, ‘cause Jesus Christ tells us to Love everybody, not just ourselves.”
“Mama, how can anybody be a Good Leader if they cannot Love anybody else or even consider somebody else’s feelings or what somebody else might need ?  How can they ?”
“Exactly,”  Cheyenne’s Mama answered.  “Someone like that is a Crippled and Crippling Leader.  And Crippled and Crippling Leaders create and perpetuate Crippled and Crippling Societies and Nations.”
“Mama, I do not want America and the Free World or any other part of the World to be Crippled !”  Cheyenne exclaimed.
“I agree, Baby.”
“Mama, what is a Socialpath ?”
“The word is Sociopath, Cheyenne,”  Cheyenne’s corrected.
“Well, if a person has no Moral or Ethical Core to live by or make decisions with, and if they have no impulse control.  And if all they ever do is seek their own selfish gratifications and self-aggrandizements, they can eventually prove to be very dangerous to others.  They do all kinds of hurtful and damaging things to Others, and they do not care about the harm or the damage they do.”
“So, in many cases, Sociopaths never, ever try to Make Right the Wrongs they have done,  In fact, they just continue to make things worse.  Their Bad Actions very often cause Others to Do Reactionary Bad Things as well, until everything finally blows up into everybody’s faces.”
Prissy suddenly jumped up into Cheyenne’s lap, searched out the Trumpty Prank Doll, and began to swat at the Doll’s dangling, orange hair.
“Mama, why would the bad people in the Electoral College choose such a goofy man to be President of the United States of America ?  Don’t they care about America ?  Are they all Narstisissy Socialpaths ?”
“No, Honey, they are not all Narcissistic Sociopaths.  And most of them are not what most folks would even consider bad people.  But, unfortunately, many of them are more concerned with being re-elected, and how much money they’re getting from the rich corporations and people that support them, and becoming and being more powerful and richer themselves, than they are with what’s best for Americans and the World as a whole.”
“Also, a lot of folks were very upset with having a black president, no matter how smart or good a man he is, and they did not want to have another dynastic Clinton or a Bush in the White House, even though Mr. Trump has gone out of his way to create and promote his own Familial Dynasty through the White House.”
“And lots of Americans were upset about job loss because of our changing Technologies and Corporations moving their businesses overseas in order to get Slave Labor at very Low Wages, and losing their own jobs to Immigrants that our own Home Corporations and Businesses and Farmers and Ranchers were having brought over the borders or allowing to come into America, so that they can use them as Slave Labor for very Low Wages.”
“And then of course, there’s the high cost of Healthcare over here that the Affordable Care Act began to fix, but didn’t fix completely, that left some folks out of sorts and others with Healthcare they could never even afford before.  And so on and so on.”
“So, many of our Leaders made decisions they did not think all the way through or decisions that helped the Corporations and American and some Foreign folks paying to have them in office, who were using social media and other resources to inflame the disgruntlements, grumbles and groans of the folks that were already disgruntled, grumbling and groaning.”
“But Mama, you always tell me that smart people try to think things through before they Do them.  Does that mean that all of America’s Leaders are stupid and bad people ?”
“No, Cheyenne, it doesn’t,”  Cheyenne’s Mama sighed deeply.  “Honey, all of the things you are questioning me about, due to your Daddy’s carelessness with that silly Prank Doll, are so complicated and complex, that Mama is afraid that she’s not doing a very good job explaining things to you in ways that you can understand.”
“Mama, if a Leader is doing a bad job, how do Americans send them home to do something else, and get another Good Leader to take their place who will try to Love everybody and do what’s Right for everybody ?  Who will try to Help everybody”
“Well, it appears that you have heard and understood what’s inside of all of this confusing mess we’ve been discussing, young lady.”
“Mama, Jesus Christ tells us to Love and Help and Heal everybody.  I do not like or want Leaders who do not understand that,”  Cheyenne said with certainty.
“Mama, is it alright if we stop talking now ?  I want to take Prissy outside to play in my Doll House.  And can I invite Molly over to play ?”
“Those sound like excellent ideas to me, Baby.”
Cheyenne jumped out of her chair holding Prissy closely under her arm..
Prissy meowed, and took a couple more swipes at the Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll’s floppy mop as Cheyenne skipped toward the back door.
As Cheyenne headed for the back door she stopped by the trash can and returned the Trumpty Prank Doll to its origins. 
As the trash can lid closed Cheyenne’s Mama muttered, “Looks as though Trumpty has been Dumptied,”  as she returned to her Newspaper.


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