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Immortal and other stories...
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-09-18 08:53:15
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immortal01_400The "Immortal and other stories", is Gordana Mudri’s début into the world of online publishing. Gordana Mudri is a very talented writer who often balances between fantasy and reality in allegories and metaphors. And she does so the same way she balances in a world that often looks doomed, dreamless and hopeless. Oddly, she does so while a dreamer full of hopes.

Gordana is a Croatian who has seen the devastation of a civil war and the destruction of populism. She is in search for democracy and freedom starting with her inner democracy and freedom. A jewel in Croatian literature and personally I hope this book will become her “door” that will introduce her to a wider audience inside and outside her country. She’s definitely known among the readers of Ovi magazine and Ovi Greece.

A plus with this book is that Gordana introduces us to her art, her drawings and superb sketches. Gordana is also admirable for her effects to write and communicate her stories in English and lately in Greek. An often extreme ‘marathon run’ for her I have witnessed closely.

The stories, the poems and the sketches included in this EBook are just a small part of the huge work Gordana has produced during years of dreaming, hoping and occasionally failing and falling.

A perfect example of her magnificent talent and …just the beginning!

So now, just download the book HERE, always FREE and enjoy the experience of reading it

Thanos Kalamidas

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