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Coffee Cups
by Nikos Laios
2017-09-22 09:05:50
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Coffee Cups

His thoughts were
Held in coffee cups,
in hazy visions floating
Out through the window
And the flapping blinds.

img_1315_jurassic_forest_400He rubbed his hands
And leaned out over the
Windowsill looking down
Onto the city below.
He could see the guilty
Hands bathed in blood
Under red neon signs;
Flashing switchblades
And whirring cars,
And dingy whisky bars.

He could hear
The musical beats
And the stampeding
Feet through trams
And trains that slither
Through the bowls
Of the city like
Leathery green

Head thrown back,
Eyes closed smiling
At the sun,the aroma
Of nutmeg and coffee beans
Infused his imagination
With a journey though the
Rivers and floods that
Travel over grassy plains
Towards the shores.

The sea churning,
Seething foam-flecked
Waves washing over lovers
Kissing on the sandy shore
In a writhing passionate embrace
As the palm trees swayed
And sang with the breeze;
And the sailors ploughed
The seas, as the farmers
Collected the maize.

Lost in a lyrical haze,
With the yellow sunlight
Bathing though the
Window washing his face,
He could feel the whole
Of existence.

In that warm
Melting moment
He was united in
A communion with
All precious ephemeral
Life that clings to this
Crystal aqueous blue globe
Suspended in the blackness of space.

In that fluid moment,
He could wish for nothing more,
As his thoughts were held in coffee cups
In hazy visions floating out through
The windows and the flapping blinds.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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