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Lapsang Lapses
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2017-09-19 08:02:46
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Lapsang Lapses
By Ian C Smith

The quiet hour before the city wakes, brewing tea,
fussing routinely, I notice my caddy near-empty.
A memory surge retrieves the past as scenes,
a time of acting badly, of damage, and tea.

ris1_400Coital conflict, a mental melee, broods, flares,
blame our verb of choice when one should give ground
or burn beyond no return’s figurative point,
whisky to calm combustion a poor decision,
tea more sedative for the self-absorbed.
We are out of goodwill, and our pungent tea.

At the cinema, pre-arranged, a feelgood film
of blossoming romance, soundtrack stringing us along,
anxiety’s ugly head rolls off, a basket case.
Post-taradiddle, descending underground by lift
a couple holding hands engages us in banter
about how edited fantasy exploits us.

In the carpark precinct, city rumble silenced,
softened by a screenplay, we find a supermarket,
track past specials to the last of the smoky tea,
zoom in, seize the lot, packets as light as hope.
Our checkout shoots us a knowing look
as if we play parts, stocking up to bunker down
with no regard, no idea of the cost.   


Ian C Smith’s work has appeared in , Antipodes, Australian Book Review, Australian Poetry Journal,  The Brasilia Review,  Poetry Salzburg Review,  The Stony Thursday Book, & Two-Thirds North.  His seventh book is wonder sadness madness joy, Ginninderra (Port Adelaide).  He lives in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, Australia.

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