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Dante's Inferno (Revisited)
by David Sparenberg
2017-09-24 10:02:30
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Crimes against humanity are always crimes against individual human beings.  The crimes are repeated, again and again, ad nauseum, to the magnitude of their originals in a world beyond this world.

dante1_400There is this singular, defining difference, and the difference changes everything.

Criminals who torture, humiliate, dehumanize, rape, maim and murder in this life become both victims and perpetrator in the next world.

The face of each victim is the face of the victimizer.  The body is the similitude of the criminal’s body.  The pain inflicted is the pain suffered.  Killing there is self-slaughter.

These are the realities of Hell and Hell continues until these realities are altered and awakening and repentance begin. 

Actual victims of crimes against humanity are, however, in another sphere, healing and moving further into purgative light.  There are comforters there with them of infinite compassion, in service until release from trauma occurs and a return to trust is in bloom.

Crimes against creation, for us in this here and now, are crimes against the Earth.  The dynamics of judgment are the same as those for crimes against humanity.

Land deforested, mountains strip mined for corporate profit, destabilizing denials, and so on, are felt to be the limbs of the destroyer-profiteers, and the agony of plunder is intense and unrelenting.

Lands or air or waters poisoned are organs of the poisoners.  The consequences of internalized poisoning diseases the soul with as little mercy as was shown toward vital Gaian systems during this earthen life. 

In Hell affliction is nonstop and determined by the magnitude of crime.  Unlike here, punishment in Hell is precise and exacting to the width of a moldering cadaver-hair and the duration of a rattling gasp.

The while, natural victims of crimes against creation are in safe havens where regeneration is the ambient condition.  There they are protected by spirit-whispers and prepared for the Great Return.

Because Hell is not a private place, every destroyer condemned to that phantasmagoria of filth and horror must not only endure unending repetition of his and her crimes, but also be constantly exposed to the repeating self-victimizations of the chaotic, surrounding mob.

With rampantly advancing technology, natural as well as social connectivity declines.  With decline perception of the responsibility of cause and effect is denied. Denial in Hell is systemic; radically exposed yet absurdly systemic; and the chief reason for hopelessness and the illusion of eternal damnation.

There are no devils in our modern Hell to interrogate, torment and torture.  We are far beyond Dante’s grudge bearing virtuosity.  Contemporary denizens are sufficient and none of those in judgment escape themselves.

Hell is indeed terror and cruelty; indeed, it is judgment-of-consequence.

The overlord of this Inferno is not Satan but madness.  The madness of Hell is not supernatural but inhuman.  We are sufficient to our own perdition.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-09-24 13:55:04
Indeed. Also worth keeping in mind that this eternal drama being played in Dante's Inferno is rooted in history. The people Dante meets there are historical people and we know their crimes. They are all without hope except for Dante who has not died yet but is merely journeying through it. The drama is man's destiny is also historical. It has a beginning and will have an end and in the beginning there is the end and in the end there is the beginning.

Michelangelo's narration of the Sistine chapel is also Dantesque: it does not begin with the creation of light as most visitors surmise when they enter the chapel, but with the drunkenness of Noah on the other side of the chapel. We imaginatively need to take the linear narration and make it into a circular one, then the beginning (the drunkenness of Noah) becomes the end, and the end the beginning, and history is synthesized into eternity, an eternity that looks and feels real. No wonder Dante is considered by many poets the supreme realistic poet...

Naswin Shinoyama2017-11-15 10:37:51
I still can't analyze to a clear picture of the written topic. Anyway I am sure it's very interesting.

Ida Vreeland. 2017-11-15 14:29:36
It's tragically beautiful, the victim is the victimizer. Thank you.

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