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The Eavesdropped Histories of Winners and Losers, Broken Moral Compasses and Cosmic Homemade Lemonade
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-22 09:06:39
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The front screen door slammed shut, and the precocious, nine year old, Cheyenne, scuffled into the Kitchen where her Mother was busy chopping fresh lemons for some Homemade Lemonade.
“Mama, I heard Daddy and Uncle Calvin talking out on the front porch about the History of Winners and Losers,”  Cheyenne announced.
“You overheard, Cheyenne ?”  Her Mother asked poignantly.  “Or were you eavesdropping ?  Your Daddy and I have both warned you against the latter, young lady.”
lem1_400“I know Mama, but I am practicing at being a Spy, like Mata Hari, because I want to join the FBI when I grow up and help save America through eaves- dropping.”
“No excuses, Cheyenne.  If you decide to become an FBI agent when you get older, you can let them worry about training you in an area you are already quite adept at,”  Cheyenne’s Mama reprimanded.  “But, here at Home, you will respect the private conversations of others.  Do you understand me, young lady ?’
“Yes Ma’am.  It is never my intention to be rude or discourteous, Mama.  It’s just that sometimes my Curiosity gets the best of me.”
“No excuses.  I mean it Cheyenne,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said firmly as she continued to chop and squeeze fresh lemons on her large wooden chopping board.
“Can I still tell you what Daddy and Uncle Calvin said about a History I had never heard about before Mama ?  It was most enlightening,”  Cheyenne asked.
“Enlightening ?  Please, do enlighten me with their discourse, since you have already Spied the information out of them,”  Cheyenne’s Mama grinned sardonically at her irrepressible Daughter as she squeezed another lemon dry.
“Well, Uncle Calvin did most of the talking, as usual, while Daddy sat and grunted approvingly or disapprovingly, as usual, or said something rather entertaining to Uncle Calvin.  Some of which I understood, and some of which I am still pondering over, Mama,”  Cheyenne said matter-of-factly.
“Well, perhaps we can ponder together, Cheyenne.”
“Oh goody, Mama !”  Cheyenne chirped.  “Well, Uncle Calvin started talking about the Native Americans that originally lived in America before the Europeans and the Asians got here.  You know, the folks that we all used to call just plain old Indians, before we knew any better.”
“And then he started going on and on about this battle and that battle mostly lost by the Indians to the European Immigrants like you and me, Mama.”
“And that the Indians were the Losers because their bows and arrows, and spears didn’t stand a chance against European pistols, rifles, Gatlin guns and dynamite.”
“And that because the Indians were uneducated, primitively armed, pagan heathens who worshipped worthless gods and goddesses, and the Europeans were educated, well-armed conquerors with God on our side, that the Europeans were of course, the Winners.”
“To which Daddy said that just because the Indians were educated in different things than we were did not make them Losers.  And just because they worshipped the Cosmic Consciousness differently than we did, did not make them Losers either.  That it just made them different, because their Life Experiences, Traditions, Rituals and Customs had shaped and molded them and their lives in different ways.  But that it did not make those ways inherently bad or make them Losers.”
“Mama, what is a Cosmic Consciousness ?”  Cheyenne asked.
“Well, it’s what we call God, darling.”
“Well then,”  Cheyenne continued.   “Next Daddy said that our European Ancestors were not always the best actors.  I guess that means that they would never win an Academy Award or an Emmy, which is sad, but not really that bad.  But Daddy said that our Ancestors were really bad, sometimes.”
“Daddy said that we were arrogant and sometimes treated the Indians like animals, because we saw them as uneducated, flea-bitten mongrels.”
“That the Europeans, who called themselves Americans, beat them, and then Treatied them all the way into the Trail of Tears and forced them into Internment-Concentration Camps that we called Reservations, just to keep them out of our way as we expanded Westward, so that we could conquer and mold and shape America the way we wanted to.”
“And that we made them stay inside those Reservations of mostly Bad Lands that we didn’t really think much of at all, until we found out that it had Oil or Gold on it, and then we did everything we could to cheat and legally trick them off of their lands or just outright kill them if they refused to go so that we could steal it.  That just because we wanted to get rich quick, that we behaved in some rather unGodly ways.”
“Mama, why did God make the Indians the Losers, and our Bad Behaving Ancestors the Winners ?  Why would God allow that, Mama ?”
“God is not responsible for that Baby.  Education and Technology used toward a Bad End for Others our Ancestors chose to see and make less than Human, simply because they were different from them, and plain old Human Selfishness and Greed did that.  Not God.”
“God has given each of us a Free Will and a Conscience with a Moral Compass to help Guide our Free Will and our Behaviors, Cheyenne,”  Cheyenne’s Mama said poignantly.  “What we decide to do with it all is up to us.”
“Mama, were the Europeans Moral Compasses broken ?”  Cheyenne asked quietly.  “Mama, how do we know if our Moral Compass is broken or not ?  Because if we don’t know that it is broken, Human Beings can surely do some very terrible things to one another.”
“It is very worrisome, Mama.”
“Yes, it is, Cheyenne, especially when your Life’s Energies are knowingly and unknowingly a part of those terrible things due to the Actions or Non-Actions of others,”  Cheyenne’s Mama agreed sadly.
“Mama, how do we fight against those kinds of terrible behaviors ?  They’re inside all of us.  Even the Indians, because I heard Daddy and Uncle Calvin talk about how the Indian tribes went after one another over one thing or another all of time, too.  How do we, Mama ?”
“And Mama, was Christ a Loser, because he was just a Carpenter’s Son in some folks eyes, the way Daddy and Uncle Calvin said ?”
“No one but Joseph and Mary and the three Magi and their camels, and the Shepherds and their sheep, and the oxen and the donkey in the fields and in the manger on Christmas Night knew that Jesus was the Son of God, because the Angels and the Heavenly Hosts told them so.”
“Everyone else thought that Joseph and Mary were hiding what Uncle Calvin called their ‘pre-marital hanky-panky’ from the neighbors just to save their reputations around their home town of Nazareth.”
“Everybody thought that they were just Lying Sinners, and that Jesus was conceived out of their Sin.  They didn’t know that Jesus was Special until he started to roam around in the wilderness, and come back to different towns to Heal people, and raise the dead, and force really bad demons out of demon infected people, and travel around telling parables that would help people See the Light.  Help people understand God‘s Way - God‘s Will to Be Done.”
“But Mama, what Joseph and Mary did or did not do before Jesus was born was not Jesus’ fault.  And because of nasty gossip, Jesus probably had to pay for his Mama and Daddy’s hurt reputation from time to time.”
“That may be, Cheyenne, but according to scripture, Mary was impregnated by God’s Holy Spirit.”
“How could that happen, Mama ?”
“Did Mary fall down behind the church pews and speak in tongues, the way my friends do at the Assembly of God Church ?  Are they being impregnated by the Holy Spirit ?”
“They do that at the Smith’s Church ?”
“Yes Ma’am,”  Cheyenne answered emphatically.  “At first I was scared for the Lady it was happening to, and I tried to help her.  But everybody told me to leave her alone.  That she was filled with the Holy Spirit.”
“So, I left her alone and just watched her roll around on the floor and speak in some language I did not understand.”
“Is that why they are called Holy Rollers, Mama ?”
“It would appear so, Cheyenne.”
“Well, that’s no reason to make fun of anybody.  We’re Baptists, and we may not roll around on the floor and speak in tongues, but we pretend at every Communion to eat the Body of Christ and drink His Blood.”
“Just think about that, Mama. Yuck !”
“It’s a good thing that I like Saltine crackers, even though they do break them up into mighty tiny pieces for us to hold into the palm of our hand until the Preacher tells us to eat Jesus.”
“I’m always afraid of my piece of cracker blowing out of my hand, so I always close it up into a fist until the Preacher gives us the go ahead.”
“And I also like the grape juice.  And it tastes nothing like blood.  Thank heavens !”
“Yes, thank heavens,”  Cheyenne’s Mama chuckled softly.
And Mama, if the Holy Spirit made Mary pregnant with Jesus, does that make Baby Jesus was an Alien from Outer Space somewhere ?”
“Some might certainly come to that conclusion, Cheyenne…”
“Mama, I want to grow up to be an Astronaut, instead of an FBI agent. Because Heaven is in Outer Space.  So, Astronauts get to be closer to God and to Heaven without having to die first !”
“Who knows, Mama, maybe I’ll see an angel or two flying around the Earth.  Maybe they would let me talk with them about God, and Jesus and
Heaven !”
“Well, if any member of our Family could be a Heaven bound Astronaut, I’m sure it’s you, Cheyenne,”  Cheyenne’s Mama smiled warmly.
“And then Daddy told Uncle Calvin that he should not make Mother Mary sound like Mary Magdelene.”  Cheyenne interrupted.
“And then Uncle Calvin said that a good wife should be like Mary Magdelene in the bedroom, and like Mother Mary everywhere else.”
“Mama, what’s the difference between Mary Magdelene and Mother Mary ?  They both followed and worked with Jesus and his Disciples.”
“Yes, they both did.  And that is what I want you to remember about those two fine women, Cheyenne.  We’ll leave any further discussion about the differences between the two of them at one time, to another point in time.”
“Yes Ma’am,”  Cheyenne acquiesced.  “And Mama, why did God and the Holy Spirit choose Mary to have Baby Jesus ?”
“No one really knows, Cheyenne.  She appears to have been a good and devout Jewish Woman, and I read somewhere that she was from the lineage of Jacob and King David.  But that is just a guess as to why,”  Cheyenne’s Mama answered thoughtfully.
“Well, in some ways it was not fair for the Holy Spirit and God to do that to Mary when she was not married, because it gave her a bad reputation in Nazareth.  And she and Joseph got off to a rocky start in their marriage. They made two Winners look like Losers.”
“I think that the Holy Spirit and God should have thought their plan out better.”
“I also think that maybe God’s Moral Compass was a little out of whack when He made that decision with His Free Will and Cosmic Consciousness that we talked about, Mama.”
“Oh, you do , do you ?  First of all, I doubt very seriously that God discussed His Plans with anyone, Cheyenne.  God is God, and sometimes His Ways are not the Ways of Man.”
“Well, you’re always telling me that God wants us to ‘Look before you Leap’, and it appears to me that if God expects us to do that , then He should, too.  He should have thought about what would happen to Joseph and Mary’s and Jesus’ reputations.”
And Mama, you have taught me that having Babies when you’re not married is a mistake that lots of folks make all of the time.  Mary included.  And that’s why we have so many struggling Single Mamas, and Orphanages and Foster Homes.”
Cheyenne’s Mama paused and stared proudly, although confoundedly, at her nine year old, precious Daughter.
“And then, in another part of Daddy and Uncle Calvin’s conversation, along came the Jewish Religious and Political Leaders and the Roman Head Honchos who all got nervous about Jesus having too much Power with the multitudes in the Middle East, and elsewhere, and they ended up torturing and crucifying Jesus on the Cross.”
“They killed Jesus, Mama, just for being Good and Kind to Everybody and telling Others to be Good and Kind to themselves as well.”
Well, Jesus was nice to Everybody but the greedy Money Changers in the Temple, and the Religious Leaders who were making themselves rich and powerful off of their congregations, and some other Evil-Doers doing other evil doings.  But that is understandable.”
“And then Daddy and Uncle Calvin began talking about how Jesus had become a threat to all of their Power and Wealth, and the Cultural Systems they were all used to serving and manipulating for their own vain glory, and that they had created to uphold their Power and their Wealth at the expense of everybody else, while making everybody else feel comfortable about all of that injustice and unfairness that they had created, that Jesus saw and wanted to Change for the betterment of everyone involved,”  Cheyenne took a deep breath.
“And Mama, the Leaders also got mad at Jesus because he didn’t just open his arms to the Jews.  Jesus preached to Gentiles, too.  Jesus welcomed Everyone to hear the Words of God’s Love and Acceptance.  Jesus wanted Everyone in the Whole Wide World to go to Heaven.”
“Jesus could have been the King of the World, but He said, ‘No, I am not here to Do that or to Be that.’  Jesus taught everybody that Everybody is Equal in the Sight of God.  That Winners can really be Losers and that Losers can really be Winners.  That Everyone can Repent and be a Good and Loving person, and go to Heaven to Love Everybody and Everything with God, and Him and the Holy Spirit and the Angels in Heaven.”
“And because those Leaders were afraid of Jesus actually being able to disrupt and Change how the Power and Wealth Systems of the Earth would work toward the Betterment and Empowerment of Everybody through Compassionate Action they murdered Him to shut him up and kill his Cause.”
“But Mama, Jesus did not die.”
Cheyenne abruptly stopped speaking and began to Sing,”  Up from the Grave He Arose.  With a mighty tingle in His toes…”
Cheyenne’s Mama interrupted, “Cheyenne, where did you hear those
words ?  They do not belong to that old hymn ?”
“From Cousin Fred.”
“Cheyenne, please, do not sing those words around here.  And especially not at Church, because I am sure that they would not be well received.  Those are not the correct words to that lovely old hymn.”
“Yes Ma’am.  I’m sorry, Mama,”  Cheyenne said ashamedly.  “I thought it was kind of funny, when Freddy sang it to me a few weeks ago.  It started me thinking about what it would feel like to be Resurrected.  Because your toes probably would tingle.  In fact, you’d probably tingle all over….”
“Come on over here, Cheyenne, and let me know if the Lemonade is sweet enough.”
“Oh, Mama, you always make it just perfect,”  Cheyenne said delightedly as she pranced over to the kitchen counter and slurped the sweet, translucent juice out of the spoon proffered to her by her Mother.
“Yummy !  It’s perfect !  Just like always, Mama !”  Cheyenne declared happily.
“And Cheyenne, in spite of what you overheard your Daddy and Uncle Calvin say about the History of Winners and Losers, the best History on Earth is Inspired by the Spiritual Love of SomeOne for Another or some Enlightened Idea or Ideal.  And don’t you forget that.”
“I won’t Mama.  I’m not worried about being a Winner or a Loser.  I just want to be a Good Lover.”
“Ha !  Well, that’s one way of putting it, Cheyenne.”
“Now, how about you and I heading on out to the front porch to join your Daddy and Uncle Calvin in drinking some of this Homemade Lemonade.”
“Mama, you know that when we join them that they will stop talking about all of the interesting things that I overheard them talking about earlier.“  Cheyenne sighed.  “In fact, I bet they start talking about their old hunting and fishing trips or boring football.”
“Ha !  Yes, you are probably right.  But after the discussion we just had, I would welcome one of their old boring fishing tales,”  Cheyenne’s Mama admitted with a grin.
“Now,  follow me young lady.  I do so enjoy turning Lemons to Lemonade.”


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