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Bernie Sanders' European Style Single-payer Healthcare Plan
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-09-20 08:37:19
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A group of 17 Senators led by Bernie Sanders introduced a bill calling for "Medicare for All.” This is a position supported by over 50 percent of Americans but which the Trump Administration and the Republicans in Congress oppose, despite the fact that increased government involvement in health care around the world has actually been shown to improve outcomes and bring down costs.

As it was to be expected, President Trump has called the idea of single-payer health care "a curse on the U.S. and its people" and has pledged to veto any version of the bill that reached his desk. This despite the fact that in his 2000 book titled The America we Deserve he expressed a different view by writing that “We must have universal healthcare.” So much for logic and consistency!

The data is clear however: all countries with a version of “Medicare for all,” single-payer, or universal coverage, outperform the US, delivering better results at a lower cost. Among the prosperous countries of the world America comes in 11th despite the fact that the U.S. has the highest per capita health expenditures of any country and devotes a larger percentage of its GDP to health care than any other country on earth. Something is not quite right. But the explanation for the conundrum is not that complex: America's dismal performance is due to the fact that it is the only high-income country lacking universal health insurance coverage.

For example, American women have a mortality risk that's three times higher than English women. And, while labor and delivery is vastly safer in Liverpool than it is in Louisiana, it's also vastly cheaper there. In U.S. dollars, it costs $2,300 on average for a vaginal delivery or planned C-section in the U.K., or $3,400 for a more complicated procedure. By contrast, in America it costs more than 10 times as much — $30,000 for the former and $50,000 for the latter — all for worse outcomes.

Moreover, in a Washington Post Op-Ed Dr. David Ansell writes that, under America's current arrangement, citizens "die of poverty, which is both needless and cruel. Our current multi-payer for-profit health insurance system perpetuates premature death by putting many people at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to affording care." The U.S. could afford to make the switch, and yet it is just about the only recalcitrant prosperous nation not to do so.

Ryan Cooper writes in The Week that "We pay enough in health-care taxes alone — that is, the government revenue that goes to Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and a few other things — to cover a Canada-style Medicare-for-all system for the whole U.S., and then that much again in private money." That is to say, if we could simply copy-paste Canada's universal health-care system into America, taxes would actually go down.

Reason would dictate that we Americans adopt the European and/or Canadian style single-payer health care. But reason is a scarce commodity nowadays in the land of alternate realities. We’ll have to wait till our so called “political leaders” emerge from the cave of ignorance or greed, as the case may be. For as the Pope affirmed recently referring to climate change deniers, “man is stupid.” Indeed, he usually learns the hard way, if at all.


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