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Betty Jo's Exasperating Experience With The No Stop, Bone Dry Gas Stops Betty Jo's Exasperating Experience With The No Stop, Bone Dry Gas Stops
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-07 10:03:58
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“Betty Jo, I thought that I’d never make it to the Church Lady Meeting this evening.”  Peggy Ann confessed to her friend as they walked over to one another in the Church parking lot.
“Pray tell, what do you mean, Peggy Ann,”  Betty Jo said in surprise.  “I have never known you to miss a Church Lady Meeting.”
gas1_400“Yes, Betty Jo, you know how I am about taking my Responsibilities seriously and punctually,”  Peggy Ann agreed.  “But I had trouble finding Gas for my Car’s almost empty Gas Tank earlier today, due to all of this Hurricane Harvey mess.”
“No wonder John made such a big deal out of filling up our Lincoln on the way home last night,”  Betty Jo said.  “I just thought he was wanting a pat on the back for doing something he knows he’s supposed to do anyway.”
“And you’re lucky he did, because he saved himself quite an ordeal,”  Peggy Ann replied.
“I drove though town to every Gas Station I knew of, along with everyone else in town, and passed one Bone Dry Pump after another with one of those yellow plastic bags covering the Gas nozzle on it.  And those big orange pylons set up in front of some of the stalls to keep folks from driving on in.”
“Betty Jo, it was amazing,”  Peggy Ann said.  “Car after car drove right on through the pylons and checked out some of the pumps anyway,  while others wove their cars and trucks in and out of every gas stall, as if they didn’t believe what they were seeing.”
“It takes all kinds, Peggy Ann,”  Betty Jo answered primly.
“Indeed it does, Betty Jo.”  Peggy Ann agreed.  “And then when I finally found a Gas Station with an active Vehicular Line waiting their turn for Gas, I got all the way up to second place in the Line, when the man in front of me pitched a fit, because there was no Gas left at the Pump for him.”
“So, I mosied out of line, leaving him fussing at the Store Manager who had walked out to see what she could do for her irate customer.”
“I finally found another Gas Station with long Lines, so I pulled way over onto the shoulder behind the Line of Cars and Trucks, and Prayed that, that Gas Station would not run out of Gas before I got some.”
“I felt very selfish for thinking such a thought at the expense of others, but that is what happens to the Human Condition when we get stressed out or are sitting in a Car running on gas fumes like I was,”  Peggy Ann said remorsefully.
“Yes, yes.  At moments like that, Peggy Ann, it is every man and woman for themselves.  Only the strong and the lucky survive,”  Betty Jo said empathetically.  “I’m sure the Lord took that into consideration, when you thought all of those rather rude thoughts, Peggy Ann, because he did create us after all.  He is the Potter, and he knows the weaknesses of his Vessels.”
“Thank you, for that little reminder, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Ann said rather dourly.
“And you are not the only one who found herself chasing after Gas today, Peggy Ann,”  Betty Jo added.  “Beulah Mae, also found herself waiting in this awful heat in a Gas Line earlier.  She called me and told me all about it.”
“Yes, I know.  Beulah Mae was in a line right next to mine,”  Peggy Ann said gruffly.  “She kept honking her horn at the folks in front of her out of her usual impatience.”
“I finally raised my voice to her, and asked her what she thought Jesus Christ would say about her honking her horn and annoying everyone in all of Lines around her, when nobody was moving until they got the Gas they needed at the Pump they were in Line for to begin with.  And that her loud honking would not do anything to hurry that process up.”
“You said that to Beulah Mae Carmichael ?”  Betty Jo said incredulously.  “You know what her temper is like, and what a mean gossip she can be,”
“Yes, I did.  And I would do it all over again,”  Peggy Ann said firmly.  “Besides, she finally stopped honking that annoying horn of hers.  And that was a boon to everybody at that Gas Station.”
“You are a very Brave Soul, Peggy Ann,”  Betty Jo said with admiration.  “I’m not sure I could have or would have done what you did.  That woman’s tongue has ruined many a reputation in this town.”
“I, and everybody else, have much and many more important things to worry about, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Ann said earnestly.  “Did you hear about the Category 5 Hurricane, they have named Irma, that is heading America’s way, and already hurting folks on Islands out in the Atlantic right now ?”
“Well, let’s hope that is Fake News !”  Betty Jo exclaimed.
“Ha, Fake News indeed,”  Peggy Ann laughed.  “ We need to start a Prayer Group for the folks that Hurricane Irma will be devastating as well, Betty Jo.”
“You know, Peggy Ann, some of the Church Ladies have been discussing the fact that Our Heavenly Father is very angry with America right now, and punishing her for her sins with all of these hurricanes and terrible Wildfires out west,”  Betty Jo whispered conspiratorially.
“Now, that is Fake News if I have ever I have heard any, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Jo said firmly.  “Humanity is getting our come-uppance all over this Planet due to our refusal to Change and work more in harmony with Mother Earth.”  “
“God gave us this Garden of Eden to live upon, Betty Jo, and what have we done with it for hundreds of generations ?’’ Peggy Ann asked rhetorically. 
“Why, we have pooped in our very own Nest.  And the Poop has hit the Proverbial Fan, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Ann said irritably. “God is not punishing us.  We are finally being punished by our very own ancient and present day calloused and selfish foolishness and mis-takes regarding our disregard for our very own Galactic Home.”
“That is one Prayer Group I will not be participating in, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Ann said with finality.

“And while we’re on the topic of Human frailties and vagaries, Betty Jo, the Gas Prices have gone up dramatically,”  Peggy Ann said suddenly.  “Those scalawags are Gauging us at the pump !”
“They’ve gone up ?”  Betty Jo asked in alarm.  “I remember when we were paying 25 cents at the Pump.  Remember those days ?”
“I sure do, and you can count those days gone forever, Betty Jo.”
“I had plenty of time to ruminate about things while sweating profusely, and most unlady-like, I might add, while waiting in Line for Gas, Betty Jo.  And I’ll tell what.”
“What, Peggy Ann ?  Pray, do tell,”  Betty Jo queried.
“I would not be one bit surprised if aside from Price Gauging, that these Shortages of No Gas At All at some Stations is an Oil Corporation strategy to put the screws on all of us,”  Peggy Ann almost whispered.
“The screws ?!”
“Yes, the screws of Greed, Corruption and Crowd Control,”  Peggy Ann continued to almost whisper.  “What better way to make everyone Panic about being unable to get to Work or pick up the kiddos from School or get into Town from the Country than to allow the Gas Pumps to run dry.”
“Then the Politicians who are controlled by the Oil and Banking Corporations can tell everybody about how we really do Need to tear up the Earth more, and cause more Earthquakes and Sink Holes, and overall Pollution with their Fracking and Pipelines.”
“What if they want to Panic everybody into leaving other Energies friendlier to our Environment, an Environment that keeps us alive and kicking, I might add, behind. Just so they can maintain control over all of our markets, and our futures ?  Not caring one iota about our perpetuating the same Environmental mis-takes we‘ve been making with our profiteering abuse and mis-use of the Earth, and all of her Creatures great and small ?”
“You think so, Peggy Ann ?”
“I wouldn’t be surprised, Betty Jo.  They’ve done things like that in the past.”
“And that started me daydreaming about Cars and Trucks that don’t run on Fossil Fuels, but that run on Solar Energy,”  Peggy Ann continued to almost whisper.
“But the Solar Batteries have to be given time to recharge, Peggy Ann.”
“I know, I know.  So, then I thought, what if we could run our machines on a Crystal or Crystals that create some kind of radiation that wouldn’t be harmful to Humankind ?  Or maybe on the very Electro-Magnetic Energies that the Earth creates every live long day ?”
“Or maybe run on Sound Wave Frequencies that wouldn’t make Human Beings or other creatures go deaf,”  Peggy Ann mused.
“Anyways, the Scientists can figure that all out at their end of things.”
“Peggy Ann, did you stop at a Bar for a toddy of some kind after your over-heated ordeal at the Pump ?”  Betty Jo asked.
“Why, no, Betty Jo.  You know I’m a Tee-Totaler,”  Peggy Ann said defensively.  “I’m telling you, Betty Jo, we need to start getting more Creative and Pro-Active about the way we do things.  Because the Earth is Changing on us.  So, if we want to Survive, we need to Adapt and Change right along with her.”
“Well, shall we go on into the Church Lady Meeting, my dear,”  Betty Jo asked quickly.
“Don’t think that I don’t know that you are skipping the subject, Betty Jo.”  Peggy Ann grinned knowingly.  “You do that every time you’re uncomfortable with the topic at hand.”
“So glad you know me so well, Peggy Ann.  It keeps me from having to explain myself all of the time,”  Betty Jo giggled.
With that, the Two Friends began to walk across the Church’s crushed stone parking lot to the front steps of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.
“Why, looky here, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Ann said excitedly as she bent over and brought up a big chunk of Crystal Quartz.  “Look how the sun shines and radiates all through this beautiful Crystal !  Imagine all of the Energy bouncing around in there.”
“I am not going to stare into that Rock you just picked up, Peggy Ann.”
“And watch this, Betty Jo,”  Peggy Ann continued ignoring her friend’s disapproval.  “If I hold this Crystal close to my mouth and Sing right at it…‘Rock of Ages Cleft to me‘…it vibrates in my hand from time to time, and makes my fingers tingle.”
“Oh Lordy, Peggy Ann, I can not believe that you are standing in front of the Church Singing at a Rock !”
“The Miraculous is alive everywhere, Betty Jo.  Especially in a molecule of Silicon.  I read in a Book a few months ago that Silicon is one of the foundational building blocks of Life Energy.”
“I don’t want to hear anymore of this poppycock about vibrating Rocks or strange possibly unGodly Energies, Peggy Ann,”  Betty Jo insisted.  “We have a Meeting to attend regarding sending aid to the Hurricane Harvey survivors.  Stick that Rock into your purse, and let‘s get on with the Lord‘s Business at Hand.”
“And next week, we will have to include the Hurricane Irma Survivors on our collection sheets and Prayer lists, Betty Jo.”
“Come on, Peggy Ann,”  Betty Jo persisted.  “I’m ready to head on into the auditorium.”
“I’m coming.  I’m coming,”  Peggy Ann said good naturedly as she began to softly Sing, “Rock of Ages cleft to me, let me hide myself in thee…”as she slipped her Crystal Rock into her large hand bag.
“I swear, Peggy Ann, you are relentless,”  Betty Jo proclaimed exasperatedly, as the Two Friends clicked up the stairs to the Church doors and the Church Ladies Meeting.


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