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Who controls Jared? Who controls Jared?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-09-02 11:15:49
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To my opinion, Sebastian Gorka is an idiotic fascist conman and well done he was kicked out from White House but he was not out because he was a conman or because this White House can tolerate only one idiot racist and fascist arrogant, the president of USA Donald Truck; he was out because there is another conman, much stronger in play, Jared Corey Kushner. The son of a real-estate developer conman and the new face of political correct fascism, discrimination and the army of tricksters that occupies the American presidency at the moment.

jar1_400And this conman is more dangerous than all the others because his aims are not ideological (however twisted Bannon’s are); his aim is money and his motive is greed. After all he grew up in exactly the same environment with Donald Trump with the same self-made conman style fathers.

The last eight months we all talk about the incompetence of the president and his lack of presidential attitude and we all have missed that this man the last two decades obviously had wasted everything he inherited from his father – that’s probably why he refuses to show his tax returns – he has been borrowing heavily - probably from Putin, definitely from the Germans (that’s why he hates them) – and in truth he was just another Wall Street balloon wreck ready to blow away until …until he became president. In eight months of selling hats made in China to make America great again, Donald Trump has made more money than his father even dreamt of.

Actually the whole family has made millions. Between memberships to Mar-a-Lago, his golf clubs, to his hotels and Trump Towers to his made in China hats, Ivanka’s made in China rags and Melania’a jewel designs the whole family will come out of this con with billions of dollars and that’s what a good Trump is doing. That’s what a good Kushner is doing, that’s what any high-road conman supposed to do. Con the biggest possible number of people to make the biggest possible catch.

Steven Bannon, Sebastian Gorka were good conmen but Trump gang soon realized that they were conmen in a different con. They actually believed what they said and acted on that. And that’s why they had to go. However disgusting they are, however evil and idiotic nazi racists they are, in the end they were actually con from the master conman and now they don’t like to admit it. How could they? The conmen were coned?

As far Trump, like every good conman needed a true and believable scenario for the background, and MAGA was the perfect one for too many reasons. The problem with this scenario was that it was …too good. While Trump and gang believed that this was another WWF show (American wrestling), where pumped and stoned from anabolics, bogus wrestlers, fake-wrestling and the audiences’ fake enthusiasm and support, in American presidential politics people actually believed that they could make American white again. There are people out there who are actual Nazis and there is a dead girl in Charlottesville, there are men with white capes in the streets, men who actually carry guns and they are all in the name of …the master conman. And that’s no good for such a major con, whilst as many believe the girl in Charlottesville might not be the last.

So time to wrap the con, before the profits turn to damage and who the hell will put an old man with dementia to prison. And that’s where Jared is coming. He was the whistler in the gang now he has become the face that can guard a quiet escape. The moderate that even the law enforcement can negotiate with. The mediator between the law and the gang that both sides accept. And Jared is not an ideolog. His only ideology is to be rich as daddy and Ivanka’s daddy and if he can even more. He wants to prove himself. In the meantime he mingles with North Korea, with Middle East, with oil and guns. And this what makes him even more dangerous than anybody before. On his way to be rich how big his greed is, and is his greed limited to money or expands to power and suddenly his got a god-syndrome? His latest attitude shows signs of that. And obviously Jared and Ivanka control to certain point the wayward old man in the white house but who controls Jared? And how far Jared’s greed and personal daddy psychological problems will take us? To a civil or a global war?


Often media and politicians argue in defence of Jared Kushner is a Jew. No objection here and this is something with all the semantics, but we also forget that the man who betrayed the 300 Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae was also a …Spartan.

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