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Gestalt Of Love's Complection Gestalt Of Love's Complection
by David Sparenberg
2017-08-29 10:32:15
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Gestalt Of Love’s Complection
on the Day of the Solar Eclipse 21 August, 2017

If a man can speak, in honesty and integrity, with another man  If a woman can speak, in honesty and integrity, with another woman  If a woman can speak with a man  If a man can speak with a woman;

da1If a human being can speak with creatures of the Earth (this Gaia-Earth) with those of land, those of air, those of waters—rivers, streams, lakes and seas;

If a human being can speak with spirit worlds (worlds within worlds within worlds—spheres—seed-spheres, dream-spheres, womb-spheres), the elemental spirits, native to wisdom and the wild, the angels, magnificent and minor, of guidance, grace and glory, and the planets and combusting stars;

If a human being, a person, can speak, personally, in honesty and integrity, with reverence for life and in deep humility, with the Lord and Lady of Creation, the Wild God of Heaven and Earth, storm and spring, the Green Goddess of pollen and flora, fauna and autumn;

If all of this is so, has become or is becoming, that person of many blessing, is in the power zone, recovering dialects of the lost language—keeping the vision in motion—the Great Vision of Life in Balance: full on Cosmic Harmony.

Here, on the day of solar eclipse, 2017, I have spoken quietly on the Gestalt of Love’s Completion.  I have spoken of democracy democratizing deliverance.  I have spoken of truth-force maturing into liberation.  Those who have ears hear the resonance.  Those with eyes assist vision.  Those with souls live in feeling.  All such abide poetically within this Living Earth.  
Ah… Here comes the sun!


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