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Mind Within Mind, Membrane Within Membrane, World Within World Mind Within Mind, Membrane Within Membrane, World Within World
by David Sparenberg
2017-08-25 09:55:31
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Somehow, we must go beyond the containing membrane with its viscid surfaces, zones, and calcified pits.  Tearing at the structure does not work.  Aggression results only in broken nails, bloody fingers. 

with1_400When we think we are masters of everything—technology, war and weather included—why should a mere membrane, leathery like stretched bat wing, hold us down?  Fabulously convoluted is the Faustian deal.

Truth is: We are prisoners of our disconnecting limitations.  Easier these days to reach out for a distant star, light years away, than to project the collective soul into the sublime.

Somehow a few, or even just one of us, must get beyond, rise to the outside of the membrane, with its dull mirrors of fixating images, confusing truncations, and clamorous, fragmenting distortions.  The ascent is precipitous, irregular, slippery.  But ascending is necessary, survival necessary. 

Once attaining mature consciousness; beyond crucifixion; beyond the unnamed opening, others, surely, will follow!  Should time permit: generations will emerge through pinholes of light.

Reality for us is this: Either some pass through to another stage of evolution; aided by inscrutable mystery and necessity; either we do this, or perish in our obsolete and depleted identity.  In our death throes too, selfishly, we condemn the Earth.

Many people are aware of two passing trains, one with Schrodinger’s cat aboard, dead; one with Schrodinger’s cat alive.  As the trains prepare to pull away from the station, people crowd onboard.  Some are guided by intuitive direction; others, suicidal like overpopulated lemmings, go, mindlessly, along for the ride.  A few contemplate the paradoxical cat; most of our kind, having abandoned both hope and resistance, travel dreamless.

Tell me this: Who among us, embracing change and discipline, keeps the vision in motion?


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Emanuel Paparella2017-08-26 00:44:23
“Somehow a few, or even just one of us, must get beyond, rise to the outside of the membrane,…”

Indeed, the world of transcendence is an alien bizarre concept in our positivistic relativistic era of post-truth and self-deception.

John talks of “the Word” who is there at the beginning and through whom the universe comes into being.

Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel’s Last Judgment depicts the idea as a Greek beardless Apollo beyond time and space causing great consternation among the so called “good Christians” who expected a bearded Palestinian wonder worker.

If I may hazard a modest suggestion: perhaps both John and Michelangelo are announcing the incredibly good news that one of us has already gotten beyond and risen to the outside of the membrane. At least worth of some consideration!

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