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Vehicle of Grievance and Grief Vehicle of Grievance and Grief
by Leah Sellers
2017-08-23 10:41:48
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“Hello, my name is Betsy Ford.  Yes, I am an American Vehicle made primarily in Mexico.  A Quasi-Immigrant.  But, please, don’t hold that against me.  The place of my making was a decision made by my Corporate Makers.
However, I am a Vehicle that has nothing much to honk about.  In fact, lately I’ve been crying tears of oil, to the extent that my oil pan is smoking.  Boo-hoo !  Psssst !
mexf01_400My first human owner was a Con-servative member of the Neo-Nazis.
He insisted on constantly parking me too close to burning crosses he and his mean-spirited buddies liked to light up with gas from a leaky can he kept in my trunk.  I thought that I would never get that stench out of my back end.
Anyways, the Neo Nazi liked to ride around with his KKK and White Supremacist buddies talking about forming heavily armed militias and going hunting for Immigrants, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Browns and Liberals, and anyone else who didn’t see things their way to kill - to murder. 
They laughed and whooped it up about hanging them, burning them to crispy critters, blowing them up to smithereens, grinding their mutilated and tortured corpses into dog meat for their pack and fighting dogs.
It was terrible !  I almost blew a gasket worrying about their making me a part of all of their horrible machinations that they were always ruminating over and spinning their wheels about.
Luckily, my human Neo-Nazi owner decided to trade me for a used GMC truck.  Whew !
He sold me to a seemingly nice young human, who immediately traded me to another seemingly nice young human who is a foreign student.  Being a Quasi-Immigrant myself, I was pleased to know that I would be contributing to another young human’s educational journey.
Finally, I, Betsy Ford, had a good human, and a Righteous Road to travel that would be worthy of my Vehicular Purpose.
But my seemingly nice young human foreign student has begun to pick up other young human foreign students who brag incessantly about being ISIS members.  At first, I thought that ISIS was a college fraternity.  But, boy, was I working on half a spark plug.
After a while, my young human foreign student and his ISIS brothers and sisters began talking about how to murder, mutilate, torture, blow up and scare to death innocent American humans at public parks, and theatres, and night clubs, and conferences, and football games, and such.
Now, they’re even talking about using me as a giant bomb or a heavy weapon and running down and over as many humans as they can make me run down and over in highly populated streets or along busy sidewalks.  They want me to leave Road-Kill everywhere !  They want to blow me up in order to blow up hundreds of other human beings !
They want to cause and inflict all of that pain and Grief just to make a statement of In-Your-Face Grievance.  Just to make a statement and gain Fear-based notoriety for their so-called Causes, which sound to me like nothing more than bottom bumper, leaky, clogged muffler, choking Grievances.
I’ve had it !
Please, can somebody save me ?  Please, I am just a plain old Betsy Ford Vehicle in desperate need of a Regular Family.  A mom and pop human who just want to drive me to work, take the human kids to school, zip over to the local grocery store, take an occasional driving vacation.  You know, just plain old every day living activities.
America is supposed to be the Land of Free Trade, right ?  Please, somebody, come and trade me.  I don’t want to be Mis-used and Abused anymore by humans who want to make me a killer - a maimer - a murderer of humans.  I’ve had quite enough of dysfunctional, hard-hearted and wrong-headed humans and their Grievances and Grief Wishes on and about other humans.
I deserve better !
So, if your Intentions are humanly and mechanically Life Affirming, and you have a hankering for the adventure and thrilling promise of the Open Road, look me up !  I swear that I’ll burn rubber and be a comfortably reliable Ride just for you !"


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