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Propeller Souls Propeller Souls
by Nikos Laios
2017-08-16 09:11:14
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Propeller Souls

In spring, the souls of
The dead float above
Swirling in the blue,
Flying with the swallows
And the doves
And the propellers.

img_1621_eye_of_the_storm_400As the generations
Of leaves swirl and collect
At the base of trees
Waiting for their turn,
Translucent and green
Glowing in the sunlight
Distilled with the essence
Of life.

I walk across the park
And crunch the leaves,
Then a gust of wind blows
And casts the leaves up
Into the air and they fall
Randomly on the ground
Among scraps of paper
And cigarette butts
And used ticket stubs.

I walk down the streets
Past blonde crucified angels
In back alleys clutching brick walls,
And the martyrs plunging down
Into the metro abyss
Shooting up into the veins of the city,
Collecting in the
Sediment and sludge
Under layers of cement.

I walk towards the trees
And sit under the shade
Translucent and green,
Glowing with life
And I watch the
Porcelain dolls
With their child-bearing hips,
And the soldiers
With their missing limbs
Eating sandwiches
With their sad mouths,
And the hundreds
Of zombie teenagers
Staring at their mobile phones
With vacant eyes
As the world
Passes them by.

I look up at the sky
Longingly and I can
Feel my propeller soul
Whirring, vibrating,
Ready to leave.

I have no regrets,
And I smile
At the swirling blue
As I sit with the rest
Of the generations
Under the tree
My turn.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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