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Honesty Honesty
by Abigail George
2017-08-15 08:21:59
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(for my sister in faraway Johannesburg)

tre1_400Here’s a thought. Love.
    Here’s another thought.
Be kind. Accept that all
    children are mischievous.
It’s in their nature to be gregarious.
Don’t think about the life
you could have had. This
will only make you sad
and you’ve cried enough
tears. You’ve cried enough tears
for the children that you
didn’t t have. The husband
that never courted you,
called you, ‘my darling’.
    The husband that never whispered sweet nothings
in your ear. Know that you’re
special anyway even though
you don’t belong to the tribe
of wife and mother. Even
though you belong in a separate village.
Feed on cooked fish alone sometimes.
Good bread and cheese.

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