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The Caligula Presidency: The EBook
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-08-13 09:36:02
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Amazingly, events unveiling the last few days – even the last few hours – causing fears that cover from a global war to uncontrollable internal unrest with unpredictable consequences and a woman dead already in Charlottesville, Virginia. And in the centre of all that, one man. Donald Trump. A contemporary Caligula, a madman emperor, an enemy of democracy and the people and all this makes Dr Emanuel Paparella’s new EBook: “The Caligula Presidency: A Satirical Debunking Critique” not just a must-read but also a worrisome warning in what is coming.


Donald Trump for his supporters, is not a politician – since a politician by definition is something dirty, something corrupted – he is a very rich businessman, therefore he won’t be corrupted, who will clean the American democracy and Washington from the swamp. What obviously Trump’s supporters forgot is that most of the time businessmen, especially the rich ones, are ruthless, soulless, dirty and corrupted people who live and profit using the people. On top of all that, Trump is a narcissist, megalomaniac pathological liar and a madman. In other words, a contemporary Caligula with all the characteristics of the Roman emperor and much more.

Much more, because months after becoming president of the United States has proved that power of that magnitude – president of a superpower – absolutely corrupts and an absolutely corrupted madman in the leading seat of a superpower is a very dangerous man for everybody, not only in USA. But USA is the first to be tested, the US democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of equality and freedom from prejudice and discrimination. Everything is tested this moment in USA and let’s hope that while democracy always prevails the damage won’t be irreparable.

Professor Emanuel Paparella makes a stand to this contemporary Caligula the way ancient democrats show. Aristophanes did it, Posidippus did it, Ion of Chios did it. It is satire, comedy, sarcasm and it is far more powerful than thousands of bullets. And when it comes to narcissistic madmen far more hurtful.

The Caligula Presidency is a series of “debunking critique essays on the first five months of the Trump presidency” and this is the first part. Later this year another part, the second, is to follow and let’s hope that sometime in the next few months Trump is not president of the USA any more, or at least a president with limited power and a legal guardian to control him.

Download the Ebook HERE, in PDF and epub/mobi format for your tablets and telephones - always for FREE - and ...enjoy the reading and prove that we can beat ruthless dictators even with a ….smile.

Thanos Kalamidas

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