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Once upon a time Once upon a time
by Abigail George
2017-07-31 11:24:41
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Once upon a time

I’ve been living underground
like graffiti, the grunge scene,
gravity and volcanic rock for
the longest time. I’ve been many things in my life.
abo01_400Feminist. Romantic. Poet.
Aunt. Independent woman.
Christian. Sister. Daughter.
Ex. Girlfriend. I’ve clothed myself in veil-and-shroud.
Having the presence of a
child around me has changed
all of that. I want to be a
good woman. I want to give and love
and most of all be kind. I
don’t want to think that suffering is
noble anymore. I want to put away my loneliness inside a kind of Pandora’s box.
Along with my solitude. The futility that I’ve carried around like baggage with me for the longest time.
I don’t want to say things like,
‘the longest time’ anymore. I
want to be happy and loyal to the people who love me.
I want to be loyal to the girl
inside my mother, My sister, my aunts, my cousins In the family way. Far away in America and Swaziland. South Africa.
I’m a nation. I’m a soldier. I’m a

warrior. I’m a servant girl.
I’m a nursemaid. Caregiver. Lover.
Fighter. Daily I take the vows of a nation, of a Christian-soldier, warrior, lowly servant girl, nursemaid, caregiver, lover, fighter.
I have the personality of the
sun on my side. The characteristics of
and morality of moonlight.
I can wail against the choices that
I’ve made in my short life or
I can embrace the watershed. The men and women, the translations of them that I’ve loved in my short life. If it’s been tragic-comic-significant-happy, it’s been that way from start to end.
And once I reach the finish line
I will meditate on the feasts and festivals that winter has brought me and I will savour the photographs, the special moments that summer has brought to me.

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