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Honey Would Kiss Us Honey Would Kiss Us
by David Sparenberg
2017-07-30 10:39:31
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The cosmic serpent swallows its tail.  One way of consumption increases liberation.  Another way, chaotically devouring, perpetuates this frenzy of conflict.

sal01_400Make war, and death is aggrandized.  Make war, and death is unleashed against the world.

The reign of death empowers tyranny.  Life becomes a prison, with individual torture chambers, behind the onerous walls of fear.  Fear hardens into hatred.

Through the course of time, bidding farewell to elders and indoctrinating children, hatred strikes out as vengeance.  The serpent of politicized power: eventually, vengeance erupts into fury.

Bitterness, venom—these become war.  War aggrandizing death, in its humanly contrived variables, let loose in blood-lust against the world.

Good people live in unexamined patterns; exist without thinking deeply, careless and unphilosophically; not bringing about change, not breaking the snake charm of fury and destruction.

I am not one of the good people.

Ignore me.  I am a fool of God.  My mind is simple: simple, ardent.  My eyes are of fire.  Too often I hear urban clamor.  Too often I feel global pain.

Every time I stick out my tongue, I taste terror.  The living and the dead of terror.  The dead and the waiting.

In the quiet, when my soul is at peace beneath the umbrella of a tree, or in the autumn colors beside a natural gift of water, I hear the Human One whispering: “Those only who love are worthy.  Their hands are clean of crime.  Their eyes are fire.  Lovers wander, those gentle nomads, in footsteps of the Angel of the Earth.”

For what do I listen, I who am lonely?  The Lost Language.  With it, we could sing the world.  For what am I looking, I, the ignored?  The Face, that humbles beauty with its Beauty.

Without darkness, we could sit down together.  There would be olives and bread, cake and water and wine.  Our stories would be visions.  Our songs would be love serenades.  Names would be exchanged.  Honey would kiss us.  We would forget how to curse.  And we would forget how to kill.


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