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The "Hate Boat" gets stopped in Egypt while one its way to hunt migrants at sea The "Hate Boat" gets stopped in Egypt while one its way to hunt migrants at sea
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2017-07-26 09:08:08
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The “Hate Boat” gets stopped in Egypt while one its way to hunt migrants at sea
By Bernard J. Henry

“Forgetful of their own freedom and now coming to deprive others of their own”, as Livy wrote, they sailed to sea because they claimed Europe was being invaded by migrants from Africa who had to be stopped. Now they’re prisoners at sea in an Arab, predominantly Muslim country in Africa.

immm01_400On July 16 the C-Star, a Mongolian cargo ship hired by the European “identitarian” extreme right movement Defend Europe for a migrant manhunt at sea, was barred to leaving the Suez Canal. The Egyptian authorities claim the captain of the ship, which had sailed straight from Djibouti, has not handed in an accurate list of its crew. The C-Star is thus “under arrest” in the Suez Canal, with several “identitarian” movement leaders from France, Germany, Austria and Italy aboard, as well as alt-right Canadian politician and self-styled “citizen journalist” Lauren Southern.

Last May the French group Génération Identitaire started a fundraising campaign to hire a boat and stop those search and rescue (SAR) vessels used by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to prevent migrants from drowning while trying to reach Europe on overcrowded ragtag boats. Even though their French bank, the Crédit Mutuel, eventually moved to close their account, as did PayPal after many protests that had long remained fruitless, Génération Identitaire raised €65,000. Overall, in France and other countries, such as the United States where former Ku Klux Klan star David Duke led the drive, Defend Europe raised around £180,000.

The C-Star was poised to sail to Catania, Italy, where another team of extreme right activists were to get on board, accompanied by Katie Hopkins, a British columnist who is supporting the operation. For now, ironically, the ship’s fate is in the hands of Arab Muslims – those very people Defend Europe claims NGOs are consciously helping to get to Europe and start an invasion with a view to a “great replacement” of the European Christian population.

Even though Western governments obviously did not start Defend Europe’s “crusade”, let alone funded it, they are nonetheless responsible for its existence as they could have ordered their national coastguards to block the ship from entering the Mediterranean Sea beyond their territorial waters but did not make a move.

wc00That would be only part of an overall lukewarm policy toward refugees, in some aspects welcoming or at the latest tolerant, in other aspects fearful and defensive. While indecision has already done little else to resolve the refugee crisis than reinforce far right parties that were already stronger than ever in countries like France, Germany and Austria, this latest episode only comes to prove that weakness and undue politeness toward these factions will never lead them to tone down their stance, but only to believe they are all-powerful and may do anything they please while enjoying impunity from state sanctions.

The next logical step would be the appearance, somewhere along the southern coast of Europe, of a boat of anti-fascist activists set to stop any new far right boats. Will Western governments try to stop it?


Bernard J. Henry - External Relations Officer


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Emanuel Paparella2017-07-26 11:26:12
Indeed, all one has to do is read The Field of the Saints, a favorite of Steve Bannon, where the defense of Christian Europe is advocated against the hordes of uncivilized barbarians, to be convinced that it is not only the far right extremists who hold those "civilized" views but governments of a West which has forgotten its true democratic and religious identity, themselves (like the Hungarian and Polish governments in the EU). It makes "Darkness at Noon" look like a picnic of sorts.

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