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Guiding light Guiding light
by Gordana Mudri
2017-07-24 10:14:03
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Guiding light

I'm watching how you are sailing
My little fragile boat
gord01_400_08And how your sails tense of wind
Disappear  on the horizon
And the air smells with storm
And blackness pours over the sky
While the wild foam of the sea
blurs my eyes with the mist
I listen to the sounds of your helm with my heart
And light of love I'm sending to you
If you ever feel lost
Tired of wandering and battles
Wounded in storms
To bring you back to this safe shore
And you know I will wait
On this cliff made of hope
On this stones scarred with waves
In which I let you chained with doubts
I will wait
To raise your broken masts again
And paint your sails in the new white



Gledam te kako ploviš
Mala krhka barko
I bijela tvoja jedra vjetrom napeta
U daljini nestaju
A zrak olujom miriše
I nebom se crnilo razlijeva
Dok  more mi divljom pjenom
Oči maglom prekriva
Ja srcem osluškujem škripu tvog kormila
I svjetlo ti ljubavi šaljem
Ako ikada posustaneš
Umorna od lutanja i bitaka
Ranjena u olujama
Da obali te sigurnoj vrati
Znaš da ću čekati
Na ovoj stijeni sazdanoj od nadanja
Na ovom kamenju izbrazdanom valovima
U koje te pustih okovana sumnjama
Čekat ću
Da uspravim ti slomljene jarbole
I obojim ti jedra novom bjelinom

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