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Cosmogony: Alpha & Omega Cosmogony: Alpha & Omega
by David Sparenberg
2017-07-22 09:46:23
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Alpha: Creating, Cosmic Dancer God breathes into ebullient chaos (the flambeau of chaos), breathes patterns into a-cosmic swirl.  Drunken Eros, genius of multiple arms.

cosmic01Matrices of Mothers!  Brides of Dancer God transforming what they look on, changing all they touch.  They are hot; they are cold.  Diving into primeval fire.  Swimming love-dreams in primordial water.  Warrior Goddess, passionless—pre-natural, fierce and beautiful—subduing the dragons of origin.

Through millennia; the longer than long of turbulence and mystery, a coming, trembling, awkward-into-grace, of life…. Life!

The flower shows her pretty, her delicate face; the stately tree: lotus and a cedar, olive and a rose.  Blood and slime and metamorphic crucible: biotic adventures.  Evolution! 

Long, long and the Titan Prometheus.   Later follows his chitin-backed progeny, swarming over the crystal blue and green plenitude of Living Planet.  Insatiable and parasitic, strapped on back and hip and thighs the nuclear arsenals of human madness.  Fear, hatred.  Hatred, fear.  Suicide, murder.  Murder, murder, murder, murder: suicide.

Humble and happy was the bee.  Stealth of wolves.  Innocent lambs.  The Thunder Lizards long removed, liquefied.  Orcas, Blue Whales, Turtles (those Chinese lanterns of the seas), Dolphins, sing in the rolling deep.

Ah time—this Age of Extinctions—a warning!

Earth is a Goddess afflicted.  Deniers would drive her to life’s failure-brink.  Sharks of nightmares stalking shoals.  Tigers of fire—volcano hearts in sulfur beat—stir and peer and roar.

Long dormant stones of prehistory revert to dragons.  Vengeful wings thundering tempests.  Obsidian downpour: hail.  Torrents of flames.

Earth, herself a Goddess, Gaia by name.  Her beauty bleeding into pain and rage, into plague of oblivion: consumer clear-cuts, suburbs, haboobs, fracking, roadkill highways, drilling, spilling landfill.

Mothers chthonic return, hard against us as Furies: forces of horror.  The Dancer God’s arms, those infinite limbs, now spasmodic, next catatonic: one time rigid, another thrashing; one time thrashing, another rigid.  Drunken impotence thrown out of balance, absconding in disgust.

Who?  Who, who has filched the Mask of Power from the Temple of Death?  Brazen this mortal hubris!  Who wears the Mask of Chaos?  Molten Terror.  Dread!  Omega.



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