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The Top 12 Unpublished Biographies of Canadian Prime Ministers The Top 12 Unpublished Biographies of Canadian Prime Ministers
by Mirella Ionta
2017-07-18 10:22:28
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12. My Troops Abroad are not Returning but my Harlots’ Hearts are Yearning. The Unveiled Story of William Lyon Mackenzie King

can01_40011. What? The Enemy is going Nuclear on Us? I Must Have Missed the Telegraph! The Truth about My Political Career by John Diefenbaker

10. Sex, Lies, and Rock N’ Roll. The Unpublished Biography of Pierre Elliot Trudeau

9.  How to Rule Canada Without Being Able to Speak French or English Properly. A Guide for Future Liberal Leaders by Jean Chretien

8. My Dirty Mother. The Unpublished Biography of Justin Trudeau

7. How Nepotism and Lack of Meritocracy Define My Political Career. The Unpublished Biography of Justin Trudeau

6. The World is Round, Since When? The Unscientific Life of Stephen Harper

5. Farting Between the Sheets. The Story of My Immature Life by Justin Trudeau

4. Oh Alberta, My Gold Mine. The Unpublished Biography of Stephen Harper featuring his own poems (yes, he really does have emotions), including “My urine is as crude as Alberta” and “Those Old Tory Days are over/ Vasoline no more.”

3. How to Be a Male Gold-Digger. A Guide for Canadian Men by Brian Mulroney.

2. Foreign Investor Friends Stash Those Secret Envelopes Up for Me! A Path to Wealth for Conservative Future Leaders by Brian Mulroney.

1. The Sultans of Swing. The Untold Story of the Trudeau Dynasty



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