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Colin's Fishing Rebuke
by Colin
2007-03-23 09:39:46
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On a recent Friday night out with the lads, and ‘my favourite lady’, I chanced upon a regular (Clint) and his partner in ‘My Regular Haunt’. As usual, Clint was staring morosely into the bottom of his glass, probably reflecting on the fate of his beloved football team.

Having tried on numerous occasions to strike up a sensible bit of banter with Clint on the subject of football, on which he is extremely blinkered being a “Toon” fan, I resorted to a change of tactic; I changed the subject and talked about fishing. Granted, not every man and his dog goes fishing, but a fair few of us do, so I thought he might be interested. It soon transpired that Clint, other than one brief trip, didn’t go fishing, didn’t want to go fishing and, in fact, probably hated the thought of it.

As it dawned on me that Clint was only interested in more exciting pursuits such as ‘Sudoku’ and ‘Crossword Puzzles’, I felt that it was my duty, as an ardent angler, to try and enlighten him. Apart from a few stifled yawns, Clint never contributed to the conservation and was obviously bored. He might as well have waved a red flag at a bull.

The more he yawned the more I felt duty bound to try and enlighten him. I probably did overdo things just a little, but then it was Clint on the receiving end of my monologue. I did get one reaction about comparing fishing to sex. I think he thought I meant that fishing was better than sex…….what I meant was that at his age, fishing lasts longer than sex, but then so does Sudoku and even 'The Sun' Quick Crossword.

On reflection I now realize that it was a big mistake to try and broaden the horizons of a blinkered, Suduko solving, Crossword Puzzling, ‘Toon’ fan, but that doesn’t mean I will give up and not try to find some common theme to talk about next time we meet. To quote Black Sabbath, ‘Never Say Die’.

In defence of the hoards of anglers out there and to enlighten all who poke fun at our sport………if it wasn’t for the likes of us, our local gravel pits would have been turned into car parks, factories or London overspill housing long since. The regular, natural habitats of indigenous birds such as Great Crested Grebes, Kingfishers, Coots, Moorhens, Swans, Mallards and temporary stop-offs for numerous other winter visitors such as Little Egrets are fast declining.

I doubt the likes of Clint have seen the flash of blue as a Kingfisher darts across the water or, if one is really lucky, watch it perched on the end of one’s fishing rod………….I ask myself, “Does he even care?”

Final note to anyone who reads this and who might guess my identity………NO!!! I am not, definitely not, a closet ‘Twitcher’.

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Clint2007-03-23 15:27:11
Looks like I went fishing for the first time and caught myself a whopper. Fair deal, first beers on me!

Eva2007-03-23 15:52:25
Hehe...I found this entertaining after having read Clint's contribution earlier. Already looking forward to reading what your next discussion will be about ;)

Eva2007-03-23 15:53:54
And... the saying "what goes around comes around" comes to mind....

Lee2007-03-24 00:10:29
Fantastic Guys, i wish i could step into your local when you're next there.

Thanos2007-03-24 10:42:29

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