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Nimbus Nimbus
by David Sparenberg
2017-07-16 11:51:36
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My God, my God, why have we forsaken you?  The betrayal is endless pain.  Earth, living sphere; a chosen place for life to flourish; this Earth is being killed and emptied, by human violence and human greed, and our infernal madness.

da01_400_01How does it stop?  Is the end our end?  And no other way than holocaust; blank hush, crushed into timeless oblivion?  

What of these—children—their solar faces and the spontaneous beauty of body-bright play and rollicking joy?  What is to become of children?  Of yours and mine, of ours?  Of Earth?  Children—children of Earth?

Are we doing the best we can do?  Is this enough, for them, allowing our lives to be ground down to bitterness and hiding, to hording and suffocating, and the polluting demonism of lifeless stuff?  How has our love become so timid, so incarcerated in delusions and deceptions, in divisive rage, disabling rage, and in impotent fear?

My God, my God!  Do not forget us in this terrifying affliction.  But do not forgive us.  Not until we have changed our content and our hearts, our raison d’etre; until we reclaim our souls, until we change direction.  Until we plead, actively, by making amends.  Until we return, to restoration. To the given. To need.

Love, genuine love, never dies, even when it is suppressed, even after long denial.  If you want to celebrate, here at the turning of the year; or in any season, any phase of the light mirroring moon; celebrate life.  

If you want to believe in resurrection, believe in love.  Do your part—each to do our part—to resurrect love out of the descent into darkness we are digging inside of life.  Against this Earth.  Against these children.  Our children of Earth.  Sweet children…

The yet to be born—waiting.  Clustered in dreamtime-mystery on the cosmic Tree of Life.  Or never to be born—obliterated?  Sans bodies.  San roots.  Sans soils.  Sans souls.  How careless, how selfish, we have become!  Ingrown our feelings.  Inbred and hemophilic our thoughts.

My God, my God!  What has gone wrong?  What goes wrong?  All around. Falling: hammering apart the Great Chain of Life-Giving Being.  Nimbus of divine love…  Why?


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