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Aquatic Sleep Aquatic Sleep
by Nikos Laios
2017-07-12 10:21:38
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Aquatic Sleep

img_1592_city_skyline_by_night_400The sky was dark
Liquid and luminous,
The countless stars
Glowed like blobs
On the glassy waves
Under a full moon.

I lay on a raft
Floating aimlessly
Towards my doom
With flying fish whirring
Overheard and the giant
Tuna darting underneath the
Waves escaping killer whales
And giant squid.

I floated under
A panoply of stars
In the middle of nowhere
Thinking of the tuna,
And the killer whales,
And the giant squid
Gliding in the deep;
I slowly surrendered
To the sea
Sinking peacefully
Into an
Aquatic sleep,
By a beautiful


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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