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The Symbolism of the Global Citizen Festival: Is the Influence of Anglo-Saxon Culture in the West at an End?
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-07-09 08:47:28
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As the 2017 G-20 Summit takes place in Hamburg Germany at the beginning of July, to promote global financial stability, while Trump and Putin meet for the first time with much fanfare and anticipation, another event in the same location has scarcely received the media’s attention, in fact it has been largely  overlooked. Yet, it remains important for sheer symbolism.

The event is dubbed The Global Citizen Festival. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg and other world leaders are due to gather for the event with the likes of Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Shakira and Ellie Goulding, all with the hope of raising as much as $661 million from governments for dealing with global international health, gender equality and education issues.


Commemoration of Global Citizen Festival launch in Central Park in 2013

President Trump will not be there, simply because he has not been invited. Is this an oversight or an intentional sign of disrespect and defiance for the most powerful man in the world, or what? Is there a rationale for the omission? Well, as per policy goals of the organization, president Trump was left off of the invitation list because organizers allow leaders to take the stage only if they make commitments to underprivileged citizens of the world.

And what is the goal of Global Citizen, an online platform tracking and rewarding activist action world-wide, successfully launched with Global Citizen Festival in New York City’s Central Park in September 2013? As per Global Citizen website, the goal is simply this: to end extreme poverty worldwide by 2030. So far, the group’s efforts have resulted in $30 billion in commitments and policy announcements that will affect the lives of 1 billion people by 2030.

Meanwhile, even before the summit begins on Friday July 7, trade deals have been struck between Japan, China and the EU. Here too Trump was conspicuously absent. This too makes sense when we remember that Trump has withdrawn the US from the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement implemented during President Obama’s tenure; not to speak of the withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate agreement, considered unfair to the US by Trump.

What are we to conclude from all those dis-invitations which would have been considered unthinkable only a year ago? For one thing, it is becoming more and more obvious to observers of the current geo-political global scene that the United States has basically ceded the mantle of leadership when it comes to principles such as Democratic process, free-trade, open borders, NATO Alliance, free Press, you name. The whole infrastructure and global order of the Western Post-War II era, which insured  80 years of peace is being dismantled piece by piece as we speak. The Bannon supporters in the White House seem to be gaining the upper hand.

Those who are over fifty and those who know their history remember well how powerful was the influence of Anglo-Saxon culture in the above mentioned political arrangement. It was represented politically by the unshakeable alliance of the two major English-speaking Western countries: the US and the UK. De Gaulle, for one, was quite jealous of such an alliance. He felt that Anglo-Saxon influence overshadowed French influence. He conveniently overlooked the fact that France was not exactly the bastion of democracy which saved the West from Hitler’s onslaught; at best it offered assistance to the overwhelmed allies after the victorious Nazis established the collaborating French Vicky government.

Be that as it may, look at the situation now. We observe England which is in the process of obtaining a divorce from the European Union, never mind being at its helm; the US which far from being the leader of the free democratic world, will hardly invoke article 7 of the NATO alliance; a EU buffeted by all kinds of political centrifugal forces including those of the Trojan horses planted on European soil in the same EU Parliament with the aim of dismembering the EU as the confederacy of European nations. This is music to Putin’s ear and his strategy of “divide and conquer,” not to speak of China, also waiting in the wings and ready to pick up the leadership mantle discarded by Donald Trump.


At this point the relevant question becomes: has Anglo Saxon hegemony, as we knew it, over and done with? Even more relevantly: has democracy failed in the West? The answer is sure to come and quicker than we may surmise. The omens are not very good presently. Cassandra has issued her warning, but Cassandra together with the gift of prophecy was also beset by a curse of the gods: nobody ever paid attention to her. Will the curse continue? It all depends on whether or not the voice of reason will prevail. As the injunction of a wise man in Palestine intimates: let those who have ears, let them hear.


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