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The arrogance of a cheap president
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-07-08 10:16:22
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It might sound like a stupid detail, especially in front the “meeting” with Putin and the rest of the world leaders in G20, but did you know that none of the Trump administration thought to book a hotel in Hamburg for the US president and his royal court? Sounds like a laughable matter? Unfortunately is not because as psychologists often say: the truth is always in the small details and not in what presented. And this small detail shows royal magnitude arrogance.

ham01_400_01The US president and his court were expecting things to unveil magically, just like it happens for kings and queens in fairytales. They were expecting the best hotels in the city offering for free their best suites, they were expecting royal service but most importantly they were expecting NOT to pay. Because in the end that what it is to be a fairytale king.

Leave aside the fact that even royals have to take care of their accommodations when they travel abroad and they actually pay for everything, that’s why they getting paid for the state so much, so they can afford these short of obligations, a naive question popped in my mind. What would have happened if Merkel had arrived in USA without booking any accommodation? Would Trump have immediately ready the top floor of the Trump Tower to host the German Chancellor free of charge? Has he done it the last seven months he is president and he had all these world leaders visiting him in Washington DC? I seriously doubt. On the contrary, I’m sure he charged them more than usually because ...“Trump’s America first” and they don’t “pay” for NATO.

What an arrogant brat! What an unbelievable behaviour!

And of course the next natural reaction from the world leaders is: that’s how he sees us? He counts our freindship and alliance on how much you actually spent on him? Accommodate his needs and buy his products? Why? Because ...they are American? Is this his argument? Because that’s exactly what he said in Poland the day before arriving to Hamburg from Warsaw. The man glorified the Polish friendship because they ....bought American weapons. Conclusion? Trump doesn’t want alliances and partnerships, he wants customers. And he thinks he earned this right because ...because American first.

Can you feel the arrogance and ignorance behind all that?

If Americans wanted isolation trump is doing a very good job and sad to say, in the end the first signs of this isolation will show in the American market. People don’t buy because of the salesman and if they do, they do it only the first time. Nations will not buy because Trump thinks that he is a salesman and be sure that Germans think German products are the best – with some really good excuses – and that Germany should be first. And Japan, and Nigeria, and Australia and why not Afghanistan. They make the best carpets in the world.

The G20 meeting in Hamburg was not a surprise party the world found out yesterday, it was a well organized meeting over a year now. The only one who missed the whole thing was obviously the Trump administration which not only says a lot about his arrogance to get to Hamburg without booking anything and expecting others to serve his needs but it also shows how much he understands these meetings.

So the American president ended in one of the VIP suites of the local parliament and his royal court in the American embassy. And don’t worry; we are all going to hear about it from his twits about the “bad bad hosts Germans”.

But do you know what the scary part is? The fact that a lot of Americans – leading Fox News – will agree with him, which says a lot about today’s America.


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