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The relationship between growth and eco-system
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2017-07-07 10:17:41
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The relationship between growth and eco-system
By Maya Gavric

The relationship between every growing economy and its effects on various ecosystems is a complex one. Economic growth based only on the exploitation of natural resources and ecosystem services will reduce opportunities for increasing growth and prosperity in the long term. Natural resources that are taken care of and maintained in a sustainable manner provide the best basis for every economic growth. 

envi01_400_02At some point, the benefits of growth can be overshadowed by its negative effects. Owing to the evolution of geographic relations, the physical environment favorable to one stage of development may be adverse to another, and vice versa. 

Rapid economic growth and the resulting changes in consumption patterns can drastically change the nature and scale of impact on the Earth's environment and natural resources. 

There is no need for conflict between growth and the environment, but this is too often the case if environmental issues are not planned and maintained properly. If growth is achieved at the cost of the natural resources on which every area dependent for their livelihoods, growth can frustrate the goal of prosperity and destroy the healthy progress of whole community.

Since progress in civilization involves an increasing exploitation of natural advantages and the development of closer relations between a land and its people, it is an erroneous idea that man tends to emancipate himself more and more from the control of the natural conditions forming at once the foundation and environment of his activities. On the contrary, he multiplies his dependencies upon nature; but while increasing their sum total, he diminishes the force of each. There lies the gist of the matter.

We need a form of development which takes place within the framework laid down by nature, and not at the expense of nature and the environment.


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