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Vibration Liberation*
by David Sparenberg
2017-07-07 10:18:24
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Vibration Liberation*

This is a free sound. No one before this moment, this sacred moment, owns or has corrupted this free sound.

sound01_400_01Now make a sound.  And say these words—this is a free sound—just as the sound leaves you, as it goes on the wind, on the wind-breath that is you:

Make a sound.  And send behind the words of word-freedom that sounds your rage over the wounding of the Earth.

Make a sound.  And send behind the words of word-freedom that sound the voice of your soul crying for a vision.

Make a sound.  And send behind the words, the bird song words of resonance, that sounds your love, your fierce and tender love, of this Earth.

Make a sound, again a sound: now the amen-prayer-sound.  And send behind on breath, singing the word-freedom that is sound of the beauty of living presence; that is you in sounding, in the “who” and power and beauty of who you are.

Make a sound.  Make a sound that is before the origin of human speech; that is your revelation of remembering the lost language of creation.  A sound pre-word: sound vibrant, vital, a power-sound.

Sound native making trouble.  Sound natural making peace.  A sound of deep internal cleansing.  Sound of truth-force, setting free.


*In performance this piece can be done solo and then repeated inviting the audience to join in, echoing the sounds at each station in the journey of vibration liberation.  In a workshop it can be taken beyond this by inviting each listening member to perform the piece using the sounds that spontaneously arise in them.  Personal discoveries of authentic connectivity is part of what the sharing of this composition offers.


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