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Wake-Up, Sleepy-Heads !
by Leah Sellers
2017-07-05 09:42:06
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Ask any Member of a Family who has had Experience with another Emotionally, Mentally and Physically Violently disposed and Other destructive Family Member (because totally Selfish folks don’t see themselves as being destructive to themselves, but they sure don’t mind doling destruction out to Others) who has had to deal with the Energies unleashed within the Family Unit due to that particular Family Member’s Negative (and totally Selfish) Actions and Activities about the effects and affects it had on them Individually and as a Whole throughout their Lives, and you’ll get some rather Dysfunctional, Used, Abused and Confused, Stymied, Stagnated, caught in a Negative Vortex they don’t (and did not) want to Be In, and continue to struggle to get out of the gravitational pull of.  Whew !  What a mouthful and a lifetime of a Mess !
Wake-Up, America !  Wake-Up, World !
That Family Member Creates and Activates, Makes and Plays on and with a Family’s greatest weaknesses and ugliness, for the most part.  Not their Strengths.
Wake-Up, America !  Wake-Up, World !
lib01The Family Divides and is in many ways despairingly Conquered.  Family Members stop Speaking to one another effectively, if at all.  Like all Broken things, they Separate.  Some even move away never to be seen again.
Wake-Up, America !  Wake-Up, World !
They weaken and destroy themselves from within and without.
Wake-Up America !  Wake-Up World !
Some of those Family Members even metastasize and BeCome the Dis-ease itself, and spread that Dis-ease everywhere they go.  Spread their Dis-ease to everyone they touch.
Wake-Up America !  Wake-Up World !
In every nook and cranny of the world there are Leaders and so-called proclaimed Royal families of Common Wealth and Ease and those of Selfish Wealth and Dis-ease.
What kind of Family do you Think the trumps and their minions, cohorts and cronies, who join in and participate within their particular Energies, are ?
Wake-Up America !  Wake-Up World !
Hitler, for the most part, and early on, was considered to be a harmless, gesticulating Joke - until he wasn’t.
He was hailed as being Authentic, Genuine. A Representative of the Common Man’s grievances and aspirations.  A Man of the People !
His Energy drew and collected Similar Energies who hopped onto for a Ride on the Backs of their exhausted Nation, and eventually many other Nations.  And those Energies Broke the Back and paralyzed the World-at-large for many years.
Hitler took the Youth of his Nation and taught them how to be dangerous, careless Bullies and Thug-a-lugs.  And their Parents were either Happy to do it, Fearful of not allowing it or Indifferent (and Indifference might feel Safe, but it’s not.  It’s deadly at every level of existence).
Hitler took the Truth and Prevaricated and Twisted it into a Confusion Knot through the New Media of Film and Movie Houses, and the old standard Radio.  Where in mass, Jews, Bohemians and Others became Optical (and Auditory), Religious, Political and Mythological Vermin, Beasties, Demons and Dis-ease, while the Aryan People were made into Mythological, Optical, Religious and Philosophical Wagnerian and Operatic gods and goddesses of Perfection and gratifying Hubris !  Pat your Special Selves on the Back !
Blonde-haired, blue eyed, shapely Master-Race-pieces !
Wake-Up, America !  Wake-Up World !
Voices of Reason were mocked, demeaned and vilified into slowly (boiled Froggy) Silence and Impotence !  Ribbit !  Baaaaaaa !
Common Decency, Civility, Compassion, Freedoms, Liberties, Justice, the Pursuit of Happiness and Basic Human Rights were scoffed at and seen as weaknesses until, and unless, demanded by the prefabricated gods and goddesses !
Wake-Up, America !  Wake-Up, World !
We BeCome and Are the World We Choose to Create and actively Make through and by the Energies of our Ideals and Thoughts that we Choose to Activate and Act upon !
Wrestle with those Energies for a while.  Cogitate upon that for a while.  Focus on those Energies……
And Wake-Up, Sleepy-Heads !


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