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Eureka: Two types of tourism
by Jay Gutman
2017-07-04 08:30:41
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When designing a tourism policy, you need to keep in mind that there are essentially two types of tourism: static tourism and movable tourism.

tour01_400_01In static or sedentary tourism, tourists choose one town or city, usually a hotel or a resort, and spend their entire vacation, from a couple of days to several weeks, stationed in that hotel or resort. Their activities revolve around visiting the neighboring cities, going to neighboring rest areas such as beaches or parks, and enjoy the activities offered to them at night, such as concerts, nightclubs or restaurants. They remain static in the city or town and don’t bother moving to other towns.

In movable tourism, tourists either rent a vehicle or bring their own vehicle, or perhaps take transportation like tourist buses or other locally available public transportation and move around one part of the country or the entire country. They move around in more or less predictable manner, visiting different sites located within the country, often spending no more than 24 or 48 hours in the same spot. The excursion includes tasting local food, visiting local sites, taking pictures and perhaps participating in activities offered in the local area.

Regarding static tourists, depending on age or personality, they will have different conceptions of what being a tourist is. Some will take their travel guide and follow the recommendations in the travel guide. Others will remain stationed at the hotel or hostel and will mainly seize the opportunity to meet other tourists and have endless chats with them. Others will be night owls, will sleep during the day and go out at night and enjoy some of the night time activities. Some are looking for new experiences, others are trying to find a soulmate, others are trying to have fun and trying to forget the day to day stress they experience at work.

Older static tourists sometimes prefer resorts where every activity is at an arm’s length. Such resorts offer activities during the day and at night, either in the water or in the mountains, and such activities tend to be optional. Entertainment is provided at night, and the rest of the time they can relax at the swimming pool, get tanned, or enjoy conversation at the café or pub.

Now regarding tourists who like to move around, there are several types, but essentially two types: those who like to move around alone, those who like to move with friends and those who like to move around with their family. There are those who will travel around the country with their motorbike or car, or those who will travel around by bus, public transportation, with a rented vehicle or with their own vehicle.

Some like to simply drive around and look at the scenery before they crash into the closest available hotel or hostel. Some drive motorcycles in groups, while others enjoy being alone, stopping at local restaurants and hotels. Others are known as backpackers, and like to travel with a backpack full of clothes and some food and like to take public transportation and look around the scenery and some landmarks, while moving around the entire country or entire continents.

Others like to travel by car with friends, stopping to look at the scenery or landmarks, then sharing hotel rooms or stopping at hostels before resuming their trips. Others like to drive around with their families, visiting sights, famous cities and looking at the scenery before driving to a hotel or hostel.

What experiences do they derive from all this? They want to spend a week or two, or a few weeks, with few home or work-related responsibilities. They also want to have a three-dimensional view of the country or continent, a view more concrete than the flat blue, green, brown and yellow maps they have access to. Finally, as I said before, some want to have a few good stories to tell.

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