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A Girl Named Wethe People
by Leah Sellers
2017-07-07 10:18:07
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“Excuse me, Young Lady, but what is your Name ?”
“Wethe People.”
“And why are you here to speak with Senator LeGreed ?
“I am here to be Heard, Ma’am.  To be Heard, not herded !”
“Yes ?!”
“All of these so-called fine, upstandin’ Congress People up here supposedly representin’ folks in all fifty states of the United States of America, want all of us Women to have our Babies no matter what, and want to control our Bodies and our Lives in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.”
“But when our Babies get here to be nurtured into Adulthood, We the Sheeple hand OurSelves and our Babies over to dysfunctional Social and Economic Systems we have all managed to create and perpetuate no matter how Bad and Destructive they are to Us and for Us in today‘s World and in the Future.”
aca01_400“We hand our Babies over to Greedy Predators we have all empowered to Be Greedy and Predatory.”
“Take this once Secretive Republican Healthcare Plan, that is finally not so Secretive anymore, and thank heavens for that, at least.  Just look at it !”
“The Republican Healthcare Plan put together to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and replace it, is just a glorified and magnified Tax Cut for the Rich, disguised as a Free Market Plan for the sake of everybody.”
“Free Market !  Now that’s FAKE News if ever I heard it !  Free for whom ?  The Rich who own it and manipulate it so that they can feed off of all of the rest of us ?!”
“Well, that is a bunch of Hogwash !”
“You are rippin’ the Social Net of Medicare and Medicaid right from underneath our Elderly and our strugglin’ Middle Class and Working Poor everywhere.”
“Now, how much sense does that make ?  What do you want to them all to
do ?  Just walk off into the woods and die when they get really sick or
feeble ?”
“And when the Working Poor have the Babies you are forcing them to keep, no matter what, without the help of Medicaid and Medicare, and Planned Parenthood and such, how are they supposed to Birth that Baby properly and safely into the world ?”
“Rural hospitals will have to shrink or have to close down all together.”
“All, but the Rich, who pay off our Congressmen to get their Tax Cuts at the expense of everyone else in America, will sicken and suffer.”
“Oh, but the Insurance Corporations, the Medical Corporations, and the Pharmaceutical Corporations will get Richer and Fatter with further expansions of Corporate outreach, and donations from Rich Donors to even more bought and sold-out Politicians and Justices of the so-called Peace that’s becomin’ a growin’ UnRest, caused by all of their Careless and Destructive Greedy and Immoral Policies and made-up Laws to support the Greedy and Immoral things that they‘re doin‘ unto the rest of us !”
“Get sick and get Bankrupted and who cares ?  Not any of y’all.  And that’s for a certainty !”
“Healthcare is a Human Right.  Especially in the Land of the Free, which has a Constitution which protects Everybody’s Right to Life, Liberty and Opportunities ?”
“There is no Quality of Life.  No real Liberty. No real Opportunities without Good Health and the ways and means to stay affordably Healthy !”
“But y’all don’t care as long as you all, and your donors and cronies and cohorts, have enough collected pieces of Cash Money, Coins and zippin’ zappin’ Electronic Digits held in Banks, and their hackable Computer Systems and Vaults, that they own and manipulate, and so therefore own and manipulate all of the rest of us with, will Survive !”
“The Rich are gettin’ their Tax Breaks on our Broken Backs, Broken and corrupted Healthcare System, Broken and corrupted Social Service Systems !  Backs we are Choosing to Vote to Break for all of you sleazy, breezy scalawags, who are hidin’ behind some high fallutin’ and meaningless so-called Con-servative principles that none of y’all either really believe in or truly understand the full consequences of !”
“Y’all are like a ravenous pack of Werewolves !  Your so-called Free Markets have made all of us your Targets !  Your UnFair-Fair Game !  And that is somethin’ for all of WE the People to Howl about and over !”
“You care about our Health as long as you can Feed off of us.  Once you have bankrupted us or cast us aside for not havin’ collected enough pieces of cash money, coins or electronic blip-bloppin’ digits you all like to turn into somethin’ you call Algorithms, we are meat set aside to rot and die !”
“Once we are tapped out financially, we are just dead husks and corpses to all of y’all !”
“But all of you We the Important People forget that all of the rest of We the People get paid by you all to Do and Be things that you all cannot (or will not) Be, and Cannot (or will not) Do.”
“So, what makes you think that you are any better than any of the rest of us ?  More Important than any of the rest of us ?  More valuable than the rest of
us ?  Due more Rights, Liberties and Opportunities than the rest of us ?”
“You create Systems which devalue the Common Man and Woman’s Efforts and Creations while taking advantage of all of us, while We the People add Value and Homage to You !  More Hogwash !”
“That is what our Forefathers and Foremothers were trying to escape from when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, and ultimately our American Constitution !”
“You all are makin’ Hogwash of it all, in the name of Greed and your very own Hubris !”
“Yes, you tell us to have our Babies, so that We the People can hand them over to your continued and continually skewed and twisted Views, crooked, carelessly cruel and unjust Policies and slanted Laws of the Land !”  “
“Our Babies grow up to enter your Broken and Corrupted Social and Work Systems to be fed off of by the Trickle-down-and-all-of-the-rest-of-you-Bow-down-to-the-ground-Rich folks.  They fight and are murdered in your Wars for your Financial, Territorial and Power enrichment !”
“Sometimes we have fought Just Wars like the Civil War to end Slavery and empower the disenfranchised, and World War II to get rid of the wicked and warped Adolf Hitler and his brand of Dark and Destructive Nationalism that was wreakin’ havoc on Europe, Russia and Asia.  Even though the Japanese had to Wake ’the Sleepin’ Giant’ Up to get it done by bombin’ Pearl Harbor, but that’s another story for another day.”
“Well, most of We the People think and feel that the Laws and Social Systems of the Land of Life, Liberty and Opportunities are for All of us, not just for you, the We the Important People !  That We the People are all in this Together.  That we all need to work Together for one another !  E Pluribus Unum !  That All of us are Important, have Meaning and Value in a myriad of seen and sometimes unseen ways !”
“And We the People expect you, We the so-called Important People, to start Doin’ your jobs as if you are Public Servants to We the People.  That your Policies reflect what is Best for All of us !  That you make Healthcare Work for and be Affordable for all of us, without your ridiculous We the so-called Important People Tax Cut, which would hurt this great Nation as a whole !”
“And don’t give me that guff that WE the so-called Important People have earned the right to be Bad and Cruelly Rotten Citizens.  We all earn money for all of our jobs - for most of the things we Do or Make.”
“But, lady, we live in a World that pays folks who run around with a piece of inflated pig skin from one end of a grassy field to another millions of dollars while they’re cuttin’ the pay of invaluable School Teachers to the bone everywhere due to this Mrs. DeVos, and the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime that’s dismantlin’ most of our Public Social Fabric across the board in favor of Privatized, owned and manipulated purely by the Rich and for the Rich Cage you’re all presently workin so hard on, and constructin’ around all of the rest of We the People at this point in Time and History !”
“And, Lady, this is just a part of what I, and some other We the People, want to discuss with Senator LeGreed !”
“Uh, what did you say your name was ?”
“Baaaaaaa !  Lady, did you know that Sheep can grow horns ?  The name is Wethe People.  And I am here to be Heard, not herded.”


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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Emanuel Paparella2017-07-07 13:31:49
I am afraid there is another side to the argument of “we the people.” In order to elect Trump a good size of the people had to vote for him. "We" includes all the people not just a section of them.

Of course fraud and ignorance had a lot to do with it. Of course it is important to remove this outrageous president, so called, before the fate of the earth is sealed forever. Of course the people need to be educated as to the nature and significance of the issue at hand, the issue of “alternative facts,” and disrespect for the truth, but we need to recognize that the majority of Trump’s base is relatively affluent. Three-quarters have incomes above the median. About one-third have incomes of over $100,000 a year, and thus are in the top 15 percent of personal income.

What may be a more important consideration is that a segment of this base comes from the industrial sector that has been cast aside for decades by both parties; the places where industry and stable jobs have collapsed. Many voted for Obama in the previous election trusting his message of hope and change, only to be presented later with a Democratic presidential candidate that paid lip service to the working class but consorted with the 1 per-centers, the fat cats of Wall Street. Indeed, there is enough greed to go around in both parties. So in desperation those people turned to a populist who is already a fat cat and promised them to make deals and promote their interests. Fat chance!

Perhaps the rebuilding of the Democratic party will largely depend on the revival of the New Deal agenda. Let’s hope it is not too late.

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