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Has the Trump-Russia Smoking-Gun Surfaced?
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-06-27 09:39:46
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On 17 May 2017 former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed by the US Justice Department as special counsel to investigate the Trump-Russia connection. The investigation is ongoing but from the tweets that President Trump has been unleashing lately, one can easily surmise that he is a bit worried about its speedy progress.

True to form, he has branded himself “a victim of the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history, led by some very bad and conflicted people!” Basically he is implying that a conspiracy is afoot to discredit and terminate his presidency. Rumors that he is now considering firing Mueller, the way he fired Comey, are now circulating; and this despite the advise he has been receiving to the contrary.

What’s worrying Trump so much that he has had to unleash his attack dogs? So far all they seem to have uncovered is that three of Mueller’s hires contributed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but then so did Trump donate $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Moreover, they can hardly claim, without appearing ludicrous, that Mueller is a partisan Democrat, given that he is known to be a Republican and was appointed FBI director by President George W. Bush. There must be something else that’s making it difficult for Trump to sleep at night. What may those concerns that keep Trump awake at night possibly be? Let’s see.

For one, Mueller is a highly competent and respected professional that, like Comey, cannot be bought off or bullied easily. Moreover, he has been assembling a team of crack investigators and prosecuting lawyers, experts in white collar criminal conspiracies. Allegedly one them even speaks Russian. They have let it be known that what Trump is currently being investigated for is obstruction of justice, the crime basically admitted by Trump himself when he told the reporter Lester Holt on national television that he fired Comey to shut down the investigation into the “Russia thing.”

In the second place this investigation does not seem to be narrowly limited. To get to the truth about Kremlingate, Mueller is proposing to investigate financial ties between Trump, his associates, and Russia. In other words, the probe will be about every financial transaction in which Trump and his worthy cronies have been involved. What did “Deep Throat” of Watergate fame say? “Follow the money.” That’s what Mueller is following. Indeed, we have seen this movie before.  

As is, Mueller’s investigators are looking for evidence of financial crimes among Trump’s associates, at money laundering, at cooperation with Russian officials in exchange for some kind of financial payoff, at efforts to hide the payments by routing them through offshore banking centers.

And who might be some of those cronies involved in money laundering? For one, there is Paul Manafort, Trump former campaign manager, who was associated with some 15 bank accounts and 10 companies on Cyprus, going back to 2007. At least one of those companies was utilized to cash in on millions of dollars from a billionaire allied to Putin.

Then there are Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and various other former aides from some of whom Trump has attempted to distance himself. One of those from whom it will prove quite difficult to distance himself is Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law, who is also being probed for his meetings with Sergey Gorkov, a former Russian intelligence officer and Putin associate who runs Russia’s bank for development and foreign economic affairs, Vnesheconombank, sanctioned by the Treasure Department on various occasions since 2014.


Some of Trump’s cronies: Manafort, Flynn, Page

Last, but not least, the investigation may likely lead to Trump’s own dubious business practices. USA Today has reported that “the president and his companies have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with ties to criminal organizations or money laundering.”


More Trump’s cronies: Kushner, Gorkov, Eric Trump

A more recent USA Today report states that Trump and his associated lately have been trying to cover their tracks: “Since President Trump won the Republican nomination, the majority of his companies’ real estate sales are to secretive shell companies that obscure the buyers’ identities.” But, despite these attempts at concealment, “at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida.” Eric Trump reportedly bragged in 2014 that Russian investors were funding Trump’s golf courses. So much for Trump’s denial of any connection with this statement: “I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia. I have no loans in Russia. I don’t have any deals in Russia.”


Two of Trump’s former business associates: Felix Sater and Abe Wallach

Another shady individual with whom Trump has had “deals” is Felix Sater, a Russian-American businessman who has been convicted of assault for stabbing a man in the face with a broken glass and for racketeering because of his involvement in a mafia-linked stock fraud scheme. A criminal turned government informant, Sater was one of the principals of the Bayrock Group, a real estate firm located in Trump Tower that partnered with the Trump Organization to build the Trump SoHo hotel and other properties. Bayrock was in reality a front for money laundering.

Also, a former insider, Abe Wallach, who was the future president’s right-hand man at the Trump Organization from 1990 to about 2002, has stated that “it’s not very hard to get connected to Donald if you make it known that you have a lot of money and you want to do deals and you want to put his name on it. Donald doesn’t do due diligence. He relies on his gut and whether he thinks you have good genes.”

With that kind of business track record, one can understand why a Bob Mueller and his crack team of prosecutors would be a veritable nightmare for Donald Trump. One wonders however if he and his business associates are fully aware of what’s about to hit them, despite the fact that most of them have already lawyered up.

We may soon see another firing from the White House’s “Apprentice reality show” currently going on, but eventually the circus, like all circuses, will come to its appropriate conclusion. Remember Watergate? Stay tuned.


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