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Behold - Looking
by David Sparenberg
2017-07-01 10:53:14
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Behold—looking: eyes of body, flesh, become eyes of soul.  Patience is a wondrous teacher.  Go out!  Learn from an old woman standing on a shore, a water dreamer.  Go out!  Learn from an old man standing on a hill in shifts of wind, land dreamer.


Miracles happen when soul is recognized, brought into the ordinary, and loved.  That is one unity in life.  This unity reveals the unity of love and beauty: mutuality.

Friend, don’t keep shutting your eyes, eyes made for this uniqueness, and praying for some disconnected Heaven.  The dead are right over the horizon, looking, listening, joined to the present by clouds of memory.

Behold—looking: recognition is the paracardial of desire, the tame covering of the wild heart.  Love is heart’s interior.  How deep does your blood connect?  How deeply are you rooted?

Behold now—behold looking: how eyes of body-soul seek truth and placement within cosmic origami of being.  Creation and Creator, help me to live with purpose.  Yet help me first to feel the desire felt by all living.

Vision, after questing, wanders home.  All that is known in the truth of journeying, seen; the bright and brindled episodes and scintillations also; is language.  All that surrenders itself in words is revelation: canny sounds of images, poetry of flow, tableaus of rich, intricate; momentarily pausing as if eternal; relational, profound postures disguised in silence.

It is not only archetypes who offer clues here.  Angels, life-forms, elemental spirits too!  Who can differentiate when every force shows us a pattern and opens before the way of guidance?

Behold—looking!  Behold!  Dignity of any tree views the struggling viewer.  Song of mirroring water, a lake in moonlight.  Garden designs of steadfast stone.  Everywhere: for nature abhors a vacuum.

Everywhere the miracle is speaking; everywhere the ordinary talking.  Who can hear with eyes the lost language?  Who can see with ears and fingers, wet lips, with amorous tongue, and feel tears and laughter with faithful atonement of living flesh, of body-soul?

My friend; because I have fallen in love with you, and the orchard and vineyard, the philosopher-mountain, the pomegranate of mystery, the intoxicated grape, and storytelling river; I wish to put forward some natural advice: slow down.  Let your soul breathe.  Patience and breath are marvelous teachers.

Slow down and let your soul see.  Especially if you long for the energy of truth and presence to emerge beyond speculation, to initiate you into dialogues of friendship.  If such is your mortal passion, my friend, slow down.

Of course, of course, it is late.  It is late.  It is late.  It is late.  But now is not “absolutely” too late.  There might be a further “and yet” of evolution to follow.  There may be a future “and yet” of human destiny.

Be like the blind mendicant who stumbled onto the corner of time, was cured of blindness there and enriched by sight.  Be like Lazarus.  Lazarus!  Lazarus who believed paradise found in leaving; who errored before God and Gaia.  Lazarus who was resurrected.  Who suffered darkness.  Who come back to light.


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