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Prisons for Profit, Church Lady High Heels And Those Stupid Smart Phones
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-23 10:40:32
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“Good morning, Effie !”  Betty Jean called out breathlessly from across the Church yard.
Betty Jean began walking as briskly as she could toward her friend.  As quickly as her High Heels would allow her to across the high, green grass her husband, George, had helped make so thick and unruly, for High Heels in general, with his week-end Voluntary Work, and newly concocted fertilizer for the Church lawn.
“Hello, Betty Jean !  Wasn’t the Pastor’s message about Good Father’s and Good Shepherding of the Flock simply delightful.  So, full of metaphors and special meanings.  He is such a clever young man,”  Effie said brightly.
Bpris01_400etty Jean grasped Effie’s left arm in order to regain her balance and right herself.  “Indeed, he is.”
“Your hubby, George, is doing such a fine job with the Church’s lawn care and landscaping, Betty Jean.  You must be so proud of him.”
“Well, yes, I am.  But I think that I will discuss with George the possibility of his using a little less of that fertilizer he’s so proud of producing,”  Betty Jean said exasperatedly.  “I just barely made it across the Church lawn just now to speak to you.  What a chore that was.  And just look at the mess all over my new High Heels.”
“Why not just slip those gorgeous Heels of yours off , and barefoot it across the lawn, Betty Jean ?”  Effie suggested.  “I always do.”
“Oh my !”  Betty Jean looked aghast.  “A real lady must never behave in such a way, Effie.  It’s unseemly.”
“Humph,”  Effie disgruntledly grunted.  “It appears to me that you are the one who needs to get real, Betty Jean.  And I, dear lady, have always enjoyed being unseemly from time to time,”  Effie chuckled.  “It can be quite liberating.”
“Oh Effie, you are simply scandalous at times.”  Betty Jean said wryly.
“Yes, I know.  I must admit, that I quite enjoy ruffling a feather or two every now and then.  It keeps life interesting,”  Effie laughed.
“Well, you have certainly kept life interesting since Hank’s passing.  What would your late husband think of some of your hi-jinx ?”
“He’d egg me on, Betty Jean.  And even join in when he could,”  Effie paused. “I surely do miss that man.”
“Besides, what else is a widow to do, but find ways to make Life interesting once again, Betty Jean ?”  Effie asked suddenly, shaking her melancholy aside.
“What else, indeed ?”  Betty Jean agreed, and both women shared private warm laughter together.
“Now, Effie, you must tell me what your son, Josh, The Accountant, told you about how to invest your money.”
“How did you know about Josh’s visit, Betty Jean ?  I hadn’t shared that with you yet ?”
“I heard it from the girl’s down at Willa Mae’s Beauty shop, Effie.  You had just been in there for your new hair perm, and your name came up in our conversation when I was there for my monthly hair trim.  They all discussed your intentions to talk to Josh about where to place your investments.  And I would just love to hear what Josh had to say,”  Betty Jean explained.  “He is an Accountant after all.”
“Well, Josh wants me to invest a considerable portion of my funds in Private Prisons.  It appears that Private Prisons are what are known as Hot Commodities, and will be showing steady growth and Profitability in the future,”  Effie whispered.
“Why in the future ?”
“Josh told me that our former President Obama had tried to close the Private Prisons down when he was in office, in favor of supporting and building Public Prisons and Rehabilitation and Work Centers and Programs, which Josh says are always Money Stagnaters and Losers, because they are not built to make money.  They are built just to maintain and sustain themselves, and improve folks lives overall.”
“The Public Prisons, Rehabilitation and Work Centers and Programs are merely built to protect folks like you and me from people who would do us harm, and to rehabilitate and work-train the prisoners from wanting to continue to do harm to folks like you and me at all, when they get out of their cages, centers and programs.” 
“So, Josh says that Public Prisons are money losers, but that Private Prisons are the money-making trend for the future”  Effie said definitively.
Shaking her head doubtfully, Betty Jean said, “I don’t know, Effie.  That all sounds like such a grim thing to invest in.”
“And isn’t that what Prison’s are supposed to do in the first place ?  Aren’t they supposed to be set up to help folks on both sides of the Prison Bars ?”
“Prisons are not supposed to built to be Piggy Banks for folks to invest in, and make a lot of money of the woes, heartbreaks and broken lives of others.”
“That Just does not seem right to me, Effie.”
“And it is primarily the minorities and the poor suffering behind bars over cannabis and other such drugs, and some other such criminal things.”
Yes, it is a vicious Societal Cycle that the wealthy Corporations, and their cohorts and cronies, are making money off of.”
“People without Jobs, without Hope, get depressed and turn to drugs like booze and cannabis or worse.  They get caught using it or holding it or doing something wrong because of not being right-minded, and then they get humiliated, fined and fee’d all the way to Prison.”
“And then Societies allow Corporations, and their cronies and cohorts, to get rich off of those poor, disenfranchised folks woes and unfortunate circumstances.”
Betty Jean shook her head from side to side, “It is reprehensible and Immoral Societal Behavior.  And it must be stopped.”
“Prisons should be a Public Service.  The Public coming together saying that Bad Behaviors that hurt others are not acceptable. So, you folks with Bad Behaviors need a time out.”
“And that they need to understand that while they are in the Prison, that the rest of Society is investing their hard earned tax dollars into, that they, the Prisoners, need to be getting their Thoughts and Behaviors straightened out, and educated, in order to know how to and be able to play well others, with the Whole of Society that appreciates the stability and peace, for the most part, found within most laws and order.”
“And our Political, Judicial, and Corporate Leaders need to understand that our tax monies need to be used on giving folks Jobs, and Hope in their Futures, not in War Machines and Endless Wars, that once again, destroy and murder our Children, and make a handful of folks rich.”
“How do you know so much about all of this, Betty Jean ?”
“Oh, my niece, Cheyenne, comes to visit me from her University every now an then,”  Betty Jean said happily.  “That child is just full of mind boggling information.”
“I must admit that she has made me much more aware of the World we all Live in.”
“I have taken to inviting Cheyenne to spend time with George and I more often.  We find her company quite stimulating for our old, staid lives.”
“And I am working on getting her out of her raggedy old tennis shoes, and into a pair of glamorizing High Heels,”  Betty Jean said emphatically.
“Good luck with that, Betty Jean,”  Effie countered.
“We can but try.  And besides, Hope reigns eternal,”  Betty Jean smiled beatifically.
“Ha !  Even I have taken to wearing my various pairs of differently colored tennis shoes more frequently, Betty Jean,”  Effie admitted.  “My feet are just more comfortable in them.  And I’m more sure-footed.”
“But at least you color co-ordinate your tennis shoes with your clothing outfits, Effie.”
“Cheyenne, just wears those atrocious looking Running Shoes, no matter what she wears.”
“Of course, I never see her in dresses anymore.  She’s always in blouses and jeans, and those Running Shoes.”
“Well, that’s because she’s young and always on the Run,”  Effie retorted with a grin.
“Well, you do have a point there, I reckon,”  Betty Jean said begrudgingly.
“And besides, when Cheyenne visits she always comes to Church in a dress and Heels, Betty Jean,”  Effie reminded her friend.
“Yes, she always dresses up for the Lord, but her Heels are always drab one-inchers,”  Betty Jean complained.
“There is just no pleasing you, Betty Jean.”
“I just want what’s best for her.”
“Seems to me like you want what you think would be best, Betty Jean.  And you’re buttin’ heads with a young lady who has a mind of her own,”  Effie chuckled.
“Yes, I must admit that the young people today appear to be far more aware and knowledgeable of the World’s coming’s and going’s than we ever were growing up, Effie.”
“Well, of course they are.  They have these stupid-making Smart Phones that Twitter and Tweet, and Snappy and Chatty, and Face Books, and so much more.  Their phones are like miniature computers.  And they‘re stuck to them like Super Glue.  Just try getting one of them off of their phone for a face-to-face conversation,”  Effie responded sarcastically.
“That’s Facebook, Effie.”
“Yes, that’s what I said.  They Face Books.  I take it that, that means that they are giving Books more Face-time.  Which they well should, I might add,”  Effie said in acquiescence..
“Especially since schools are no longer teaching our Children to Write.  All they care about anymore is whether or not they can type.  Ridiculous !”  Effie pronounced.
“Let the Electricity and the Machines go off everywhere, and then where will we all be ?”
“I totally agree, Effie.  It is overwhelming to think about.  That’s why I prefer to focus on fashion, my closet full of High Heels, and our Church Lady Gatherings,”  Betty Jean said earnestly. 
“Now, remember, Effie, if I were you, I’d have Josh continue with his investment research on your behalf.  Surely, he can find more uplifting ways for your money to make more money.”
“I had not even thought of all of those things that you and your niece have considered during her visits with you and George, Betty Jean,”  Effie admitted.
“Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about it.  I’ll call Josh as soon as I get home from Church.  Lord knows, I do not want to do anything that would add to the misery of others.  That would eventually bring great harm to others and to our Society as a Whole,”  Effie declared.  “We are Christians, after all.”
“Indeed, just imagine what Christ would have to say about our making money off of the grief and strife of others, instead of trying to help transform their attitudes and lives for the better,”  Betty Jean added.
“He’d probably be appalled at the thought !  Why he‘d probably want to re-enter his Tomb, roll the Stone closed right back over the opening and shut Himself in and away from the rest of us !  And who could blame him ?!”  Effie exclaimed with dramatic humor.
“Effie, how you do enjoy shamelessly exaggerating things, from time to time.  It’s a good thing that Christ is the epitomy of Forgiveness.  Because, Lord knows, you are certainly in need of some.”  Betty Jean chided.
“In the meantime, I’ll talk to George about his laying off his fertilizer.  He’ll have the grass growing as tall as the trees at this rate,”  Betty Jean said, lightly.
“Just imagine it.  No self-respecting Lady in this Church will be able to make it across the Church lawn without slipping out of her High Heels !”  Betty Jean exclaimed laughingly.
“Oh yes, and wouldn’t that be such a scandalously splendid thing to behold,”  Effie winked at her friend mischievously with a grin.


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