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Tears for them
by Gordana Mudri
2017-06-20 09:26:33
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Tears for them

Tonight I could cry the ocean of tears.
I could cry for every girl drowned in her fears, for every guy wrapped in his dark shadows.
I could cry for their beautiful sad souls, wounded by this cruel world.

Tonight I could cry the sea  of sorrow.
I could cry for every bad word they heard, for every scream of despair in their lonely nights.
I could cry for countless heavy tears they've shed, hiding in seclusion.

Tonight I could cry the endless river of pain.
I could cry for wasted days of their youth, for thunderous silence in their thoughts.
I could cry for every step they made, wandering through the darkness.

Tonight I will cry in vain,
For they still will be lost tomorrow…

Not able to change their paths.
Not able to see the signs, which lead them out of the dark, to find the strength in each other.
To give the colours one to another. To beat the fears and blast the shadows,
holding each other through the life.


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